Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Avery is 6 months!

Happy half birthday my sweet Avery Jane!! 6 months, wow, I really can't believe that.

Let's see -this month we moved up a diaper size and it has definitely helped with all of your blow outs :) You love to blow raspberries all day long and you have found your voice it seems! I think any day now you will be saying your first word that we can understand...I'm hoping for Mama but I have a feeling it will be Dada

You are getting use to eating.  You don't love everything and most still ends up not in your mouth but the food that mostly stays in are carrots and apples.

Your hair is coming in nicely and it's blonde - just like Brayden.  I can definitely see more similarities between the 2 of you more and more each day.  Here's a side comparison of you and Brayden both at 6 months


And just because, here is you and Ella - I don't see any resemblance although people say they do

I *think* I can officially say you are on a nap schedule! Usually you go down for your first around 10 and sleep for an hour and a half and your next one is around 1:30 - 2 and sometimes I can get 2 hours out of you! And you almost always sneak in a little cat nap right around dinnertime

You are still sleeping through the night and I have actually started pushing you to sleep later instead of eating around 430/5 and then going back to bed. We're getting there and hopefully by next month you will be sleeping a full 11-12 hours!

You love hanging with Daddy - as soon as you see him, you light up!!

You are still drooling so so much and this week at the Dr I will find out if you are teething (because of course I think you are)

You rolled over from tummy to back a bunch of times this month but now you don't seem to have any interest.  You will hang out on your tummy for a very long time now and your head/neck support is amazing.

You are still eating 6-7, sometimes 8 times a day and exclusively breastfed.  I try to give you a bottle n the morning again just to keep you use to getting them in case I am not around.

Ella has really stepped up the big sister gig this month.  She is very attentive to you and always gets super excited to be near you.  She looks out for your toys and brings you your blanket. She also helps put your paci in (then takes it out and back in about 100 times)

You are SO loved Avery Jane.  Your brother and sister adore you to pieces and so do Daddy and I. You really fit our family just perfectly and although 6 months has flown, it does feel like you've been a part of us forever.

I will love you forever and ever baby girl!!!

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