Monday, February 9, 2015

weekend recap - croup strikes again!

Friday morning started by taking Avery to her scheduled 6 month well visit and it just so happened the night before Ella started getting a touch of croup.  It was perfect timing really and since we were heading into the weekend, I was happy to get her in there so we didn't end up at the ER.

Our ped is so awesome, he knows Ella's history with croup so he prescribed her a steriod and gave us an extra refill for when we need again (and we will need again.  Poor girl just had croup 3 weeks ago!)

I had to snap this pic of her on the way to the dr. She insisted on wearing her sunglasses (no sun around) and HAD to have on her light up Christmas tree necklace.  The entire staff got such a kick out of her get up :)

Later in the day when the girls napped, Brayden and I worked on his digging for dinosaur bones kit that my sister got him for Christmas.  We have been working on this for a few days and have only recovered 2 bones - we need Daddy's help!

Bath time for Miss A means bathroom selfies - I just love how cute she looks when she gets out of the bath!

Saturday we hung around the house and finally got some things accomplished we've been putting off. Ella was feeling better so that was a plus!

Brayden decided to have some playtime with Avery and it is just the sweetest thing to watch!

Then we headed outside to play in the snow and of course have a snowball fight!

He wins!

The hubby also bought a snowmobil from a co-worker and it got delivered Saturday.  We are extremely blessed to have a ginormous backyard so he took the kids around for a spin (going slow of course!)  Our daredevil Ella was all about it, and Brayden thought it was something you only did once, ha.

Miss A practiced sitting by herself! Gah! How cute is she!?!

Saturday night I was dying to get out of the house so we all went out to eat. Brayden was being extra cutesy with me so I was soaking that up :)

Sunday, the hubs took Brayden to Monster Jam with his brother and our niece.  My hubby grew up going to Monster Jam and was so excited he could now share the experience with his own son.

When they got home the hubby said the kids goofed off most of the time but overall it was fun :)

While the boys were gone, the girls played! This one LOVES the game, Don't break the ice.  We play that game on repeat all of the time.

Our night ended with a yummy dinner and ice cream and some board games and I think I was passed out on the couch by 8:30 - I guess that's what happens when you wake up at 5 

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