Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the little moments

Life is all about the little moments, right? It's easy to take them for granted, because they are so little, so simple, that if you don't realize them, they could be gone in a blink of an eye.

The other week I was reminded of how special the little moments are.  I took the kids to run some errands and after leaving Walmart, where I had to say No to Brayden about 10 times for all of these random things he wanted (for example, a Ninja Turtle loofah), we were walking through the exit and he asked if he could play some of the games. I was so sick of saying no that I said Yes! He started playing the claw game, which we all know is rigged.  He tried 3 times and alllmost had it each time.  I said that was enough but he asked for one more time.  Well, wouldn't you know, the 4th time was the charm and my little cutie actually won a stuffed animal! A frog with a heart to be exact.

I'm pretty sure anyone walking in or out of the store at that moment thought I was completely insane. As soon as I saw the little frog on the claw moving towards the drop box, I started screaming. I guess Brayden didn't realize he caught one so he was even looking at me like I was crazy.  I told him he got one and he didn't believe me, then he pushed open the door and saw it.  My little boy was SO happy and SO proud of himself.  He was beaming.

I love when I get to see excitement in my kids eyes, it's so genuine, real, pure and innocent all in one.

This little moment of playing the claw game was the highlight of my sons day, therefore mine too.

Later in the day, the girls went down for a nap and I begged Brayden to nap with me but he was begging to go play outside.  Originally I told him no.  There were too many things I needed to do that I kept putting off.  But then that little voice inside me said, "just go outside, you will never get these days back, the dishes can wait, you'll sleep when you're dead" and we headed out. There was still a little snow left on the ground and Brayden wanted to have a snowball fight.  I made him a bunch of snowballs and we had at it.  It was so fun running around the yard with him.  He went up to the top of our playset and wanted to throw the snowballs down at me.  He of course kept needing me to make more and more snowballs for him, so we decided I was the official snow ball maker. He had so much fun throwing the snowballs down at me while I danced around and tried ducking for cover :)  This was such a fun time with my little guy and we were so caught up in the moment, I didn't take any pictures (shocking, I know)

Another little moment that meant so much to him as it did to me.

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