Monday, February 16, 2015

weekend recap - Valentines edition

What a fun weekend we had! We did tons of Valentine's Day celebrating as well as went to a super fun Sofia the First birthday party.

Friday morning started off with heart shaped pancakes with a side of wild bedhead :)

Then it was time to drop off my cutie at preschool for their Valentine's Day party.

As soon as Brayden got home he dumped all of his Valentine's out of his bag and started looking for the good stuff - he was also telling Ella to stop touching his stuff every 2 seconds.

The next morning I put out the kids Valentine's baskets.


I put out the hubs presents too and the Valentines cards the kids made for him

The kiddos were up BRIGHT & EARLY Saturday morning and couldn't wait to go through their stuff. Breakfast was chocolate, pringles and a side of Pez (hey, it was Valentine's Day!)

We had a lazy morning that included playing Ella's new Frozen matching game

Then we headed to a Sofia the First themed 2nd birthday party where the kids had a blast! Brayden hung around with all of the boys and they pretty much wrestled and ran around the entire time and Ella was so into meeting Sofia the First 

I can't believe how big my little Ella looks with Sofia! This makes me so happy she was comfortable with her, now I can't wait to see her in Disney with all of the princesses!

When we got home I made the kids take a group Valentine's Day picture - it only took about 50 to get this one.  I'm in love with this!!

We made a heart shaped cake that didn't turn out half as pretty as all the ones on Pinterest, but hey, it tasted damn good.

The hubs was going to take the kids to the movies but they were so tired from being on a sugar high all afternoon at the birthday party, we decided to stay home.  We made our heart shaped pizzas but Brayden was too tired to help

Little Miss had a blast though! She kept throwing the flour up in the air and watching it fall, it was too cute to stop her.

My sweet girl!!

Again, not the prettiest, but they tasted yummy!!

Dinnertime led to these adorable pics. I couldn't believe the affection Brayden was showing Ella! This is a rare occurrence around here.

The night ended eating our yummy cake and I was passed out on the couch by 8:30 (sorry hubs!)

Sunday was uneventful other than I got our taxes done, woo hoo! I am looking forward to our super busy, but fun week!

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