Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Siblings {Night & Day}

I need to take a moment to write down just how different my little Ella and my (not so little) Brayden are. These 2 really couldn't be more un-alike.

                 Ella                                                              Brayden

Loves playing with water in the bath          Has always hated playing with water and when
                                                                         Ella gets water in his face he still cries to this day

Such an adventurer! Always climbing      Has always played it safe, from the very
and getting into things she isn’t                beginning. He never climbed on anything and never
suppose to. We have to REALLY               attempted to get into things he wasn’t suppose to
watch this one

Eats mostly anything that is put in              When asked to try something new, his usual
front of her. Loves strange foods for         response is “Eww, gross, no way will I eat
kids like tamales, salami, sauerkraut          that” 

Pretty outgoing to new people                  Took 3 years to warm up to some family

Does not enjoy reading books                   Loves reading books

Very independent                                       Very co-dependent

At bedtime, tells me to "GO!" after I         After bedtime stories, still asks me to lay with him
attempt to read a book           


I'm sure there's many more ways these two are different but this is a good list to sum it up.

Of course they do have some similarities (they sure know how to throw a tatrum!) but these two are definitely more opposites than not. Now, I just wonder who Miss A is going to take after...

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