Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Recap {1.16.17}

Happy Monday! We had a pretty low key week and weekend and it was just what I needed to ease us into the new year after that really long winter break.

I had to snap a picture of Brayden's backpack because it kills me. Soon it's going to be so heavy he won't be able to hold it up LOL

We headed to the library for story time, but first the girls had to play on the computers. I am happy to report Avery actually sat still and was very entertained during story time!

 Brayden came home with these "chains" his friend made on the bus, then proceeded to tell me not to throw them away #mmmkay #sorrybutidid

While Ella was at school Miss A and I decided to organize and purge our giant utensil drawer. Needless to say it took 3x's as long with a toddlers help :)

We managed to play more foosball - Ella is getting really good!

And of course there was plenty of dollhouse playtime in there too

The girls have been having a BLAST playing with this fake make up my Mom got them for Christmas. It is seriously the best! We use to let Ella play with real makeup but that became a disaster real quick once Avery would join in so this is just perfect.  I couldn't recommend this play make up more!

So Thursday was Brayden's 2nd basketball game, or so I thought - I don't know why but originally when I looked at the schedule I just assumed all this games were Thursday nights at 7pm but it turns out there's some Monday games in there too. So yeah, we completely missed the game earlier in the week and showed up Thursday to an empty court. Brayden still had a blast playing with Rick and it was nice for him to get some practice in, at least it wasn't a total waste

Some nights before bed Avery hops into Ella's bed and wants to sleep in there for the night. It's soooooooooooo cute and I know these two can't wait to have their first sleepover. Right after I snapped this pic, Rick came into the room and Avery immediately pretended she was sleeping; it was hysterical.

Usually after we put the kids to bed I can see from under the door that Ella has turned her light on. I always peak in and see her at her desk "writing" in her journal and it's just such a sweet moment. I swear sometimes I look at her and think I'm going to blink and she's going to be 16 doing this

Ella was playing dr on our new unicorn because her legs weren't working. She even wrote out her dr notes for the unicorn to take. I love how well Ella pretend plays!

Every other day I make a smoothie for me and Miss A and she is all about helping! (no surprise there!)

Friday night the kids had pizza and then we headed downstairs to play some games. Sometimes it's really hard to play a game the right way with a tornado toddler around :)

We put the kids to bed then me and the hubby had a date night at home. We made steaks and I made these super yummy potatoes I saw on Pinterest.  We watched the new Bourne movie and I'm pretty sure we both passed out by 9:30 on the couch, ha!

Saturday was decent out so we told the kids to gear up and go play outside during quiet time. They realized there was a huge block of ice inside the water table so I gave them some spoons and some sunglasses and told them to have at it.  That lasted all but 20 minutes then swung on the swings for a little and came in

Later in the day our friends came over and the kids all played really nicely together. Us adults got into some heated games of Left Right Center and me and the hubs came out on top :) It was a fun night but Sunday morning came too quick. 

Sunday we did nothing all morning and it was so nice. We headed to my in laws in the afternoon and hung out there the rest of the day. We got home to relax and then put the kids to bed.

Brayden is off today so we're heading over to his buddies house for a play date. He has a little sister Ella's age so it's always nice when we all get together.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

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  1. That fake makeup is SO cute! I bet my girls would love that too. So glad I am not the only mama who throws things away. Marissa is such a hoarder and if I let her keep everything it would be SO out of hand.

    Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. Oh my gosh! The girls doing their "makeup" is just the sweetest photo ever.
    And as always, you have the best weekends!

  3. Yay as always for relaxing weekends! I also passed out by 9:30 over the weekend. Is it the weather or just pure exhaustion?

    Looooove that pretend makeup. Anytime a product comes out like that, I'm all - Why didn't I think of that?! Your girls are so precious. Have a nice play date today!

  4. Mila has similar play makeup and loves it! I especially love when she decides to do Tim's makeup, haha. Ella "writing" at her desk is just too adorable! Hope you have a great week!

  5. So precious doing their make up! I miss watching the boys play bball, so fun. Slow moving when they first start out but fun none the less! I hope you have a marvelous week had beautiful!

    1. Oh yes, my son started baseball last year and it's definitely slow starting but I love watching him SO much!!

  6. I remember how much I loved playing with fake makeup when I was little - so cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Avery and Ella are so stinking cute in the bed together! they are going to have such a great time growing up! I always wanted a sister! And isn't that fake makeup the best?! Olivia is still obsessed with hers!

  8. I love the idea of the fake make up. I think my girls would love it. They always ask me what I am doing when I put make up on. Then they can be like mommy. That is soooo sweet of Avery and Ella to be in bed together. And to pretend that she was sleeping. So sweet.