Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites {1.27.17}

Happy Friday!

Image result for life is good especially on friday

Brayden is home from school today because of conferences so we have big plans to all go to Costco together, wish me luck!

Check out my favorites for the week :)


Earlier in the week I shared some cute Valentine's tops, you can check them out here if you missed


I scored some major deals this week at Gap/Old Navy. I ordered these jeans because I've been on the hunt for a black pair and the price was amazing after the 40% off! I hope I love them

I also ordered these for the girls for next Christmas - for $8 I couldn't pass them up! #alwaysthinkingahead


Eeeks, isn't this bedding just so cute!? I ordered it for Avery's big girl room, I cannot wait to decorate!



One of my favorite things is to have one on one time with each kid. It was Ella's turn for a date with Dad (we rotate parent/kid every month) so last week they went out. Her request was to eat dinner at the McDonalds at the mall so that's where he took her. She was so excited, that morning she woke up, ran right downstairs to me and said "Mom! Today is my date with Dad, I'm so excited!!!"

Next week I'll be taking Brayden on a date, probably to the movies which is his request. We started these dates when the kids turned 3 and even though Avery is only 2, I think we need to add her to the mix because she wanted to go on a date with Rick & Ella so bad!


My favorite funnies of the week

Image result for take a nap go to bed early not going to a party meme

Yes please!

Image result for lets wear pajamas bake stuff and watch disney movies

All I can do is laugh at this one - so true

Image result for i can't wait until my kids get a smartphone meme

Happy Weekending! We are taking the kids to see Disney on Ice tomorrow, we all can't wait :)


  1. I went to order the sweatshirt and out of stock, darn, so CUTE!!! But even cuter is YOU!!! Loved these favs, we always made sure to have one on one with each kid too, actually even thought they are older, we still do. Have a sweet and cozy weekend!!

    1. Oh boo!! Maybe they will restock it? You are too sweet! I love one on one time, I hope we keep up with it forever :)

  2. I love those memes! I just told my husband yesterday that the worst thing about being a parent is when I'm cranky there's no one to tell me to go to my room and take a nap!

  3. The last graphic? SO true! Wishing you lots of luck at Costco today. Haha! I love those jeans and that bedding! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Happy Friday, friend! I love that heart top and that bedding is so cute. I would probably even consider that for myself if I didn't have to worry about Eric ;) I love that you guys rotate out date nights. Good luck at Costco, you go this Momma! Beautifully Candid

  5. I love the bedding you got for Ella! It's super cute! And something that's not too young so she won't out grow it anytime soon =) That's always a plus!
    I really love the one on one time I get with each girl as well. I think it's super important, and I bet your kiddos love it as well!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. That bedding is darling! I love doing the kids' rooms! They are just so fun! We try to have regular date nights with our boys too. Sometimes now though, with life being crazy busy and Andrew's travel schedule for work, they are less dates and more just 1:1 focused. Running errands with just one, or a special stop. You get such a peek into their minds when it's just you and them.
    Have a great time at Disney on Ice!!

  7. Baking in jammies while watching movies was our day yesterday. It was pure perfection.

  8. Loved that sweatshirt but its sold old..sad! It's so cute. I am definitely on the lookout for something valentines now. I also love love that bedding. It'll be fun to decorate with that! Happy weekend!

  9. Haha. Yes to that meme. Those are my adult goals now. So funny. I love that bedding. I need to do more one-on-one dates with my girls too. It is so hard. We always take them everywhere together and I think we need one on one time more. I need that sweatshirt, but itis sold out. I hope they restock it. Have a great weekend!

  10. That bedding is so cute! Makes me want to redo Olivia's room. I guess we'll probably try to wait a couple more years. Right now she's happy with her Anna and Elsa blanket! haha.

    And all of the memes - LOL. You always find the best ones. That last one - YEP!

  11. That bedding is DARLING and the price, wow!!!! I love one on one dates, we need to get back into the routine. I love the childhood punishment, adulthood goals meme...totally me! Have a great weekend. xoxo ERIN

  12. Lololol! Oh my goodness all of those funnies were cracking me up. I am LOVING that bedding too. So cute! Happy weekend friend.

  13. That sweater and those jeans are both adorable! How fun would it be to get some cute Valentine's themed tops?! Also, those memes are so spot on ha ha!

    1. I can't wait to get those jeans in the mail today, I hope they fit!!

  14. That dad/daughter date is so sweet! What a great idea! I need to get over to Old Navy and take advantage of their sales!