Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites {1.13.17}

Morning Friends! And Happy Friday the 13th!

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Let's take a look at my favorites for the week

{ONE} - New House Decor

I am slightly obsessed with my new (actually really old) window pane. My Mom picked this up for me months ago at an antique store by my sisters because I was on the hunt. When I got it, I washed it off and gave it a very light coat of white paint, distressed it a touch and then it sat and sat in our garage. The hubby was not really on board to hang this baby up but finally last weekend he did. I think he's starting to come around to this idea and actually liking it! (although he did tell me this was my weirdest idea to date - LOL)

our wine rack is looking a little sparse and that snowman to the left Brayden made and won't let me move it LOL

{TWO} - Food Containers

I've been doing the 21 day fix videos on and off since after having Avery (along with a mix of youtube workouts + the treadmill) I have never done the food part of the program because originally I was nursing for a year while doing the workouts and didn't want to limit myself. Well now I am not nursing and am really wanting to loose some weight this year and I think these containers will really help. I have a huge problem with portion control so hopefully this will help fix that. I found these food containers that seem exactly the same for only $5! Thanks to Emily for steering me in the direction of her 21 day fix meal board too!

{THREE} - Deals of the week

I originally saw Kristi post about this dress and I think it's even more on sale now. I tried on the medium in the store since they didn't have a small and it was big, so if I get it, I'm getting the small. Just don't know where I would wear it, but it's pretty cute! (and it didn't show any cleavage when I tried on but that could be because there isn't any in general LOL)

Main Image - Socialite Mock Neck Knit Shift Dress

This cowl shift dress comes in many colors and is super cute too!

Main Image - Socialite Maddie Rib Knit Cowl Shift Dress

I've also had my eye on this sleevless shift dress and it's on super sale too - but only in one color.

This turtleneck tunic would go great with leggings or jeans. You can't beat the price and it gets great reviews! I'm always looking for more tunics to add to my closet.

Main Image - Madison & Berkeley Side Slit Turtleneck Tunic

{FOUR} - Favorite pins of the week

How cute is this printable princess calendar?

Disney Princess Calendar:

I love the idea of making a fun basket for the kiddos, I might try and replicate this for Valnetine's Day

A handmade arrangement of your favorite candy in a white love tin. A great gift for Valentine's Day . Arrangement contains a mix of candy including Kit Kat, Skittles, Twix, Variety of M&Ms, Almond Joy

This looks like it would be a yummy dinner!

This delicious Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta combines elbow macaroni, ground beef, and bacon along with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses for a hearty weeknight family dinner! | can be made gluten free:

{FIVE} - My favorite funnies of the week


Ha ha more #yes

This is so me - I'm such a worrier that when my hubby or Mom doesn't answer, this is where my mind goes. I can only imagine how I'll be by the time my kids go out alone 

Hope you all have a great weekend! We have another one without any plans and I kind of like it :)


  1. LOVE both of those dresses! I might have to pick one of those up. And I totally relate to those memes. Happy Friday!


    1. I know, so cute right!? Ha ha I love when I totally relate to memes! Happy Weekend!

  2. Thank you for posting the 21 day food containers! I have the original ones from when I did the Fix last year and have always wanted to have more on hand. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm kind of obsessed with your window pane too! This is definitely my style. I love mixing vintage and new decor together. It looks great, hopefully hubby will get on board–not a weird idea at all! I love those dresses you found. And, haha yesss to the funny about pre-kid busy and tired. Have a great weekend girl! Beautifully Candid

  4. Love your little wine area - that window pane is great!! Haha my mom is totally the same way when i dont return her call right away LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Love that window piece. I don't think it is the weirdest item. I would love to put a window pane up in my house like that. I love that dress, but I wouldn't know where to wear it either. And that cowlneck dress is sooo cute. Loving the funnies!

  6. That window looks fantastic, Lizzie! I would love to have something like that in our house, but I'm out of wall space! I swear I just don't have enough wall space for all of the things that I don't want to do! #FirstWorldProbs

    Haha. Have a great weekend!

  7. I LOVE that window! I just ordered portion control containers too - and then, the day they were delivered, I decided that I'm nixing the diet, haha. I just can't do it. I'm liking the workouts though. Hopefully they actually work!

  8. Love the window pane!
    My oldest is 14 and we are starting to research driver's ed stuff...omg, I'm going to be a nervous wreck when he drives alone!


  9. That graphic at the top was so fun! I think that old window looks amazing friend. He'll totally come around to it I bet. That bacon cheeseburger pasta dish looks amazing too. I'm starving right now, so I'd probably say that about anything :P.

  10. I LOOOVE that princess calendar. So adorable!

    I LOOOVE that window! My MIL took 3 flowers from our flower garden over the summer, dried them & epoxied them to an old window frame. She gave that to me for Christmas. It turned out so nice!

  11. I think the window pane looks great. I really like that black dress.