Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekly Recap {1.30.17}

I can't believe it's Monday already - this time, it came way too quick.

Let's see how our week went

The girls and I had lots of playtime with their treehouse - seriously this has been the most used gift we've ever gotten them!

We headed to our library for story time on Monday, I think it's the last time we'll be going as it is SO boring. The lady who instructs it is super quiet and it's just blah. The girls are always wanting to leave shortly after we get there anyway.

Avery cracks me up. She is OBSESSED with those little tsum tsum's and those little beanie babies. She carries these 3 everywhere with her!

I set up this fun craft for the girls to make - for Avery I cut and she glues but Ella does everything herself (well I draw everything and she then cuts/glues) These girls love crafting!

Brayden has this fun exercise competition going on with school so every night we are doing tons of workouts with him. His push ups are getting so good!

Wednesday we headed to our neighboring town's library. I love this library so much more than ours. The girls had fun playing before heading in to their story time

Every time I'm checking books out, they go sit with these statue kids. It's really funny.

After the library we met Rick at Panera. I grabbed McDonalds for the girls first though because they really don't eat much from Panera which shocks me because everything from there is amazing! They both wanted to sit with their Daddy so it was me on one end and those 3 on the other :)

Brayden has a little beanie baby too, his is Buddy from Secret Life of Pets and he carries him everywhere around the houses and treats him like his own dog. He asked me the other day to help make him a leash out of a broken chain. He was so happy!

Brayden had a half day Thursday and since he was around for the afternoon we set up a bunch of targets and had fun with our nerf guns. Not long after, there was a full on nerf war going on :)

Thursday night we had Brayden's school conference so me and the hubs went there while Grandma stayed with the kids. I always tear up at these because I love hearing what a great kid we have. At home it's a whole other story, but it's so good to hear that at school he is so good!

Brayden had a basketball game later at night and he was super excited his Grandma & Papa came!

He scored one basket this game and I was able to get a shot of it

Friday Brayden had off (for more school conferences) and we headed to Costco. Thankfully my Mom came with but it was still pure chaos.

Friday night I took the kids to go see my nephew perform in his holiday show. He was super cute! After we all headed to dinner at Portillos (YUM!) and then home. Rick was out at a poker game with his buddies so when we got home we just relaxed and watched a movie.

Avery loves wearing big brothers hat and she looks darn cute in it too!

Saturday was Disney on Ice and we had so much fun once we got there. It was a little chaotic getting out of the house and then once we got inside there more chaos trying to get food/drinks. Everything was good once we got to our seats and we actually ended up sitting farther back than we were suppose to but it was completely empty and we liked that idea much better.

Sunday was cold but we all headed outside to play anyway. 

When we came in the kids worked on their Valentine's. I'm so happy we got this out of the way!

yes, Ella is wearing a Halloween shirt. She says it's her favorite :)

 The bigs went to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa for a little while Avery took her nap and I got some much needed relaxing time. I caught up on Shameless and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Seriously love that movie.

Later Rick & Avery made brownies and our girl was super happy to be having one on one time


The rest of the night was spent eating dinner, watching The Little Mermaid, playing some games and just relaxing. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Aww look at that little baker!! Best brownies ever I bet! You guys look so cute at Disney on Ice!! You guys really know how to work in sweet quality family time! I love it! Have a wonderful week ahead darling!

    1. We have lots of little bakers around here and I love it!

  2. I'm willing to bet Brayden's push ups are much better than mine- LOL!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. That tree house is awesome! We also have a tsum-tsum collection here - I've been told we need to add Elsa to our collection (by my 4-year-old!) Sounds like a great week!

  4. Looks like such a fun week! I love when a toy is a big hit and actually gets played with. Their penguin projects came out so cute. How adorable is Brayden doing his workout. Disney on ice sounds like it would be fun but I hear you on the chaos finding your seats and getting everything situated. But, what a great pic you got of you with the three of them!! Beautifully Candid

  5. The penguin craft came out so sweet! Man, now I want Panera for lunch and brownies for dessert. Ha! Y'all have a great week!!

  6. OMG Disney on Ice looked amazing!! I've been twice, but both times it was before we had kids. I've been wanting to take our kiddos, but every time they come to our city, we ALWAYS have something else going on. I'm hoping that this year is finally the year that we can make it! You guys had such a great week!

  7. Disney on Ice was so much fun when we've been!
    I'm going to have to make those penguins with Connor.

  8. Yay for Disney on Ice! I would have sat back where it was empty (away from all the germs ) too. I am loving the push-ups too. I like to do them with my girls And I may or may not tease them a bit while doing them :P.

  9. Wow what a fun week you guys had. I didn't even think about taking my girls to the library here in town. It has been a long time since I went and I think the girls would love it. They love reading. Disney on Ice looks like it was fun. I understand the chaos of getting out of the house and wrangling the kids to do anything these days. Such is the life of a mom!!! Have a great week!

  10. That little Treehouse is adorable! I wish Mason enjoyed crafting more. He just gets bored with it easily. Look at that form Brayden has with his push-ups. That is impressive! And way to go Brayden with school!! We have never been to a Disney on Ice, but I hear that they are a lot of fun. I love your Mama Bear shirt.