Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Recap {1.9.17}

Hello there Monday! Today is Brayden's first day back at school and he is sooooo ready (or maybe it's just me)

We had a such a nice low key weekend but before I get to that, here's a look back at our week

Tuesday we had a craft day/hang out day at home. The kids loved making these snowmen and they especially loved adding the snow by painting with q-tips :)

Brayden & Ella were making a pillow ramp for their toys on the stairs and having way too much fun

Wednesday Brayden had a friend over from school. He was so excited to have some alone time with a friend his age instead of hanging out with his sisters :) In our basement we set up the baby monitor camera we use to have in Ella's room so I could still keep a close eye :) It's so cute listening to their conversations :)

While the boys played in the basement, us girls had fun with play doh. The girls still love putting cheerios on spaghetti


After lunch Avery got knocked down with a high fever. The rest of our afternoon/night looked like this. At bedtime she was still so miserable so we gave her some ibuprofen and I was having her sleep on my chest in my bed. As we were laying there I heard Ella woke up with the nasty croup cough and she threw up everywhere. The hubby took care of her and I kept taking care of Avery. 


Thursday was a new day and both girls seemed to be feeling much better! It was sooooooooooo cold so we decided to stay home.

We did more crafting and I was so excited to bust out our new trays :) First we made snowglobes and again the kids used q-tips to paint snow (except Ella, she didn't want any snow in her snowglobe, go figure!)

Next I had a pack of foam boards and figured they could do some more painting. Brayden & Ella picked their design and I chose an A for Avery and gave her the colors of her new big girl room so she could hang this piece up :)

Later we watched a movie and had ice cream sundaes :)

and of course played more foosball! This kid is obsessed!

Thursday night was Brayden's first basketball game. I wish I could say it went great but not really. Brayden is our super sensitive kid and the kid that was put on to block him was super aggressive (like I wanted to get out there and shove him) and Brayden just didn't know what to do and was getting so frustrated (mind you he has never played the game before and is a true beginner). He ended up crying during the game and had to sit out for a minute to re-group. I chatted with him quickly and he got out there and finished the game but man was my Mama heart hurting. It can be really hard having a sensitive kid. Part of me wanted to cuddle him and part of me wanted him to stop crying immediately.

Nonetheless we were SO proud of him for finishing

The cheerleaders :)

My favorite boy! (and yes, his team got the color pink for their shirts LOL. The boys were all surprisingly totally cool with it!)

Friday morning my Mom came over to watch the girls while I took Brayden on a playdate with another buddy from school. We went to a trampoline place and it was just so much easier taking just him. I am so grateful that my Mom is around to help me out sometimes!


Friday night the kids had pizza and the hubs and I got Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We spent the rest of the night hanging in the basement playing games and more foosball!

Saturday was a relaxing day. I took Ella to dance in the morning then around lunchtime my Mom, sister and nephew came over to hang out for a bit. At night we went by my in laws for dinner and to hang out for a little. 

Sunday we got some things done around the house and then took the kids bowling. It's been so long since we've gone and everyone had a blast!


Ha ha Avery loved standing over the vent when it wasn't her turn :)

Later on while the bigs had quiet time and Avery napped, I worked on a sign I've been wanting to make and the hubs watched football. We wrapped the night up with baths/showers/dinner and Rick and the girls made us brownies.

A low key relaxing weekend is just how I wanted to finish off this winter break!

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  1. So we have never taken our girls bowling... I think we need to do that soon. I am LOVING those Minnie shirts, so cute! Also using the old baby monitor?! That is GENIUS! I hope you have another great week and a good Monday to start things off.

  2. Bowling is always so much fun!! Sounds like the best way to round out winter break! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love that you recap your week! I often feel like our weekdays are boring and mundane, but I need to start finding the fun and the good in them and documenting it. Their snowmen came out so adorable. I love crafts made by kids!! What a genius idea to set up the monitor so that they could have their boy time but you could also keep a close eye and ear! Glad the girls were feeling better so soon! It breaks my heart to see littles sick. Oh that hurts my heart too! But, what a big boy to get out there and finish the game!

  4. OMG that pillow ramp that the kids made is awesome! My brother and I used to do something similar to that when we were little with my parents' exercise mat! One of these days we will have to let the kids play on the stairs... Olivia is so clumsy that she's not allowed to be on them by herself. Lol.

  5. Your pillow ramp is on point. We've done something similar and well of course, it's now all CJ wants to do.

  6. What a fun weekend! We have been wanting to take our kids bowling, such a great Winter activity. Have a great week!

    1. Bowling is so fun! We need to go again, the kids loved it!

  7. There are those trays again! I'm really going to have to look into them. I can't believe school is just starting back up again! Talk about a long break!

  8. I hope Brayden had a great first day back! Such a sweet weekend! Now I want to bowl! ;-)

  9. What a great week. I love all the crafts you did!

  10. You seriously do so many fun cute crafts with your kids! I need your creative mind. I can barely draw a stick figure lol. I'm sorry both of your girls weren't feeling well. We had it over here too. There's definitely something going around. You guys still looked like you had so much fun! Beautifully Candid