Monday, September 11, 2017

Life Lately

Happy Monday!! We had such a great weekend filled with so many things, but the biggest was celebrating our sweet gals 5th birthday! I'll be back to recap all of that later this week.

Since I never got around to posting a weekly recap last week, I have lots to catch up on!

I bought a new table from Ikea for the playroom and the girls were eager to help me put it together!

Finished product! Kids are loving the bigger table space!

We've had a couple of family game nights which the bigs are loving! We played charades one night and we were all dying laughing, it was so fun!

The next time we played Disney Pictionary and again, it was a hit!

Here's a good example of why I need to drink - Avery thought it was a good to cut her own a couple weeks ago and I thought I was going to cry! Like seriously, that's alot of hair she cut off!! Now I have to make sure to comb her hair all the way over to one side to make her look decent - it's going to be a good couple of years with awkward hair for this one!


My cuties picking me flowers from outside :)

The girls and I decided to have a picnic outside and they were loving it

The kids wanted to go for a ride so bad in Ricks new truck, so a couple weeks ago we loaded them up and took them for ice cream

2 weekends ago we went to our towns annual fest and had so much fun! We played games, rode rides, ate lots of good food and had some good drinks


We headed back to the fest the next day and met up with Rick's family and my Mom - all the kids rode a ton of rides, we played a few more games and ate more yummy fest food


Avery wanted the poo emoji for winning 

After festing we headed back to my in laws to hang out

Brayden being super silly, I love it!

Monday was the parade!! We headed to our spot and took our annual firetruck pic :)

The kids absolutely love the parade! It's so much fun and I swear, we have enough candy to last a year :)

Monday night my baby went to bed for the last time as a 4yr old!

and woke up a 5 year old!!

Avery had her first day of school!! (more to come on that)

At night our family came over for cake and presents for Miss Ella. My FIL won this giant gecko at the fest and gave it to her, she was in heaven!

Wednesday was Ella's first day of school!! (more to come on that too!)

And me and this silly girl hung out :)

We went on bike rides last week and checked out this new ninja warrior park they made at the girls' preschool - it's so awesome! I can't wait to take Brayden here

My cousin had her baby last week, a beautiful baby girl!!! I got to meet her Thursday and she is just the sweetest little thing!

Ella had her 5yr checkup and girlfriend had to bring her drawing book in. She drew a picture of her dr. and gave it to him which was super cute!

The girls both started their dance classes Saturday morning - so much cuteness going on here!!

And later that day was Ella's party!! 

Ella got a skateboard from her bestie (she wanted one sooooo bad) so we checked it out yesterday. She was doing pretty decent with it, but of course she needs to practice at it

We spent Sunday at my in laws watching Bears opening day and it totally sucked when they lost. After that we headed home and hung out the rest of the day and finished cleaning up the party.

Now our full week starts and I could really use another weekend day!

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  1. Ella on the skateboard, so cute! I remember I was about her age when I wanted one and it took me a while to get the hang of it! Yes, it sucked but the Bears lost! I hope you have a great start to your week!

  2. You guys have been up to lots of fun stuff! And oh my goodness, Avery with her self haircut. :( That will be one to look back on and hopefully laugh!

  3. Oh my goodness - happy 5th birthday to your little girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. The fest looks fun! That playground looks amazing too!

  5. Oh my goodness, you've all been busy! I giggled and felt awful (at the same time) about the haircut - I did that once when I was little! It'll grow and it'll be quite the story!

  6. You're daughter's haircut is priceless!! She still looks absolutely adorable though!!

  7. Oh my goodness, Avery's hair!! I will never forget when my sister "cut her bangs." It was a rough few years! :) At least you can cover it up! She still looks adorable!

  8. Ah! Momma her hair. My sister cut herself some bangs right before school pictures so there is one year where she has 1/2 inch bangs in the photo, it makes for a good laugh now but man oh man! You can't even tell she cut her hair in any of the pics! Happy birthday to your sweetie. That cake is darling! xoxo ERIN

  9. Oh Avery!!! I can't even imagine how you felt in that moment. You have done an AMAZING job of hiding it though. Seriously impressed girl. Let's just hope it grows out quickly.

  10. Ella on that skateboard is too cute. And oh, poor Avery with the haircut. Maddi did that same thing when she was around 3. I know how sick you were to your stomach. You guys have been having so much fun. That fest looks like a blast! You did Labor Day weekend right!