Thursday, June 12, 2014

The BIG 3-0

So my big birthday was last week, I turned 30 (yikes) - and leading up to it I had a feeling the hubs was going to do something.  I kept saying I did not want a party - and I wasn't just saying that to say it, I truly meant it.  I know I'll sound like a debbie downer but come on, I'm pregnant, very pregnant, why would I want a party? So I can watch everyone drink and have fun? No thank you.  Plus, I really didn't want anything at our house, cleaning up after a party I didn't even want, while hugely pregnant, again, no thank you!!

All I really wanted was to hang with my little family and do a nice dinner with the hubs. 31 could be my year to really celebrate :)

Well 2 weekends ago we were headed to the race track with our other friends and their kid.  I was excited to go because the track is so fun and very family oriented.  I was also excited because our friend is pregnant so I would have a non drinking buddy to complain with.

The morning we were leaving the hubs had to leave our house for a couple hours to go look at a house with his sister that she was interested in buying - I guess it needed work and she wanted his opinion.  This definitely struck me as odd because I knew his sister wasn't looking at any places that needed work.  I started thinking, what if we are going to the track then coming home to a party at our house! I brushed it off and off we went to the track.

Walking to the outside family area we "randomly" ran into my cousin and his friend.  I thought that was a little odd as well but I also thought it wasn't weird he would be there, the track is a really fun place to go.

Well, walking a few more steps I saw some of my family and they all screamed SURPRISE!!  I looked back at the hubby and just smiled and now I honestly can't even remember what I said. I'm sure it was something like, you jerk!! LOL

It meant so much to me that all my friends/family came out to celebrate and I was also so touched by the fact that this was all my hubby's doing.  He coordinated everything - from the invites, to the decorations, to the food, to renting the space at the track and more, he really outdid himself and I couldn't believe he did all that for me.  He kept saying 30 is a big birthday and needed to be celebrated! I guess in the end, he was right :)

Hubby of the year in my opinion :)

My family!

Selfies with my little nugget

My big sis!

Selfies with my crazy little boy!
My besties :)

On my actual birthday, I took the day off work so I could spend the morning with the kids and hubs.  I woke up to the house decorated and 30 balloons scattered all around - seriously the hubby is just scoring points left and right in my book :)

Brayden was so cute - he told me to close my eyes and come downstairs, and once I got there he said Tada! Here are your presents! It was so adorable.  I love that the hubs took them to the store and Brayden picked out what he wanted to get me - my favorite is the new ice cream scooper which he has now deemed his new favorite toy.

Brayden and I had made an ice cream cake the night before and thought having a piece at 9am sounded like a fantastic idea

We then headed to lunch at a little mexican place near our house then took the kids to the library for a little.

Later that night my friends came over and we ordered pizza and just hung out.  It was such a fun day :)

I am not really all about my own birthday but the fact that I get to spend with my own little family now makes it 1000 times better.  Seeing how happy they are just lights up my world.

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