Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brayden's 3 Year Preschool Graduation

So my little man has his first year of preschool under his belt and I don't think I still believe it.  The school year went so fast I felt like I blinked and it was over.

My little guy before we had to leave - the last day was a celebration so I was sure to take off work so I wouldn't miss it!

My Mom met us at the preschool - she was excited to see the little performance they had planned since she missed his Christmas celebration

I couldn't wait to see how this performance compared to his Christmas one - you know, the one where he barely held it together while being in front of everyone and pretty much covered his eyes the entire time and fought back the tears.  That was heartbreaking (and a little comical, not going to lie) to watch.  I think he will get a kick out of that video when he is older :)

As soon as we got to his room, it already was better than Christmas, he went right with his teachers to go "backstage" with the rest of his class - no hesitation at all.  We got our seats and took a couple cute pics of Ella Bella, who was having so much fun not sitting still :)

Brayden's teacher told me right before the kids came out that she put Brayden all the way at the end just in case he starting loosing it just like at Christmas, we had a nice little chuckle at that one :)

But my little guy did NOT lose it! He was cool, calm and of course his goofy self.  It was so good to see him so well adjusted that he stood up front with confidence.  He may not have sang every song but he wasn't covering his face the entire time either. We'll take what we can get!

After all the songs it was time for the kids to get their "diplomas" - it was so cute watching the kids go up and hug the teachers.  Brayden really loved both his teachers, but the one he seemed to favor just a little more so it was totally surprising that when she handed him his diploma, he just took it and sat down! Everyone got a laugh out of that.

Once that was over, we had cookies and punch and Brayden finally gave his teacher a hug :)

Then we snapped some pics with his little friends and attempted a family picture but Brayden was too wound up for any of that - 

What a fun day and we truly couldn't me more proud of our little man! Preschool has done wonders for his social skills, it far exceeded my expectations and for that reason alone, I am so happy we decided to enroll him in 3 year preschool.  To see how far he has come from his first day to his last is incredible.  He really has made some genuine little friendships and I hope we can keep in touch over the summer because he is already talking about how much he misses everyone at school.

Just for fun, here's a side by side comparison from first day to last

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