Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Day at Wrigley Field

So our friends are season ticket holders for the Chicago Cubs and they invited us to Family Day at the field a couple weekends ago - only season ticket holders are allowed at this event so it was pretty cool to be able to go experience this since we will probably never be season ticket holders :)

Basically it's a day where you are allowed to go pretty much anywhere in the park - on the field, in the dugout, the bullpen, the announcers booth and more.  Lots of families brought mitts and balls to throw around on the field but since our little ones are pretty little we opted out of that, but you had to definitely be on the look out because balls were flying everywhere - no pun intended there!

Here is picture overload but I want to remember this because it was just a really fun family filled day and we were lucky to get to go down there for this event

This first picture cracks me up because this is exactly all the hubs did, chase after Ella! The second we were aloud on the field, girlfriend was off! LOL

This next picture sums up Brayden - hiding his face while getting his sword balloon from this nice man.  I love how he thinks covering his eyes makes him invisible :)

Such a sweet picture of Daddy and daughter!

In the dugout!

My adorable kids!! 

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