Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cards for Mom Binder

So I saw this idea over at Momfessionals and I knew it was something I needed to implement in our family - it is purely genius.

I am big on receiving cards from my kiddos, something with a little handmade touch makes it even more perfect.  My hubby is not usually the greatest at this, his go to is to buy a card and have them scribble or he writes their names for them.  Call me selfish, but I want more than that!

I am always the one who has the kids make handmade cards for people for any occasion and is it really so wrong that I want the same in return?? :)

So the new idea I saw was to get a binder/notebook and have that be completely dedicated for "cards" for each occasion: birthday, mother's day, feel better, anything really.  This way, all the "cards" are in one place and later down the years you can look back at everything and not be shuffling around to find old cards or more so, finding room to keep all the cards.

I went to Target and a few other stores looking for the perfect notebook for my new "card book" and there was nothing that struck my fancy - Mother's Day came and went and I still couldn't find one so I decided before my birthday (which was only a few weeks later) I needed to have one.  That's when I turned to Etsy of course - why didn't I just think of this to begin with?!

I searched several shops but was looking specifically for a binder that was 8.5"x11" and also had blank pages inside (many had lined pages but I really wanted blank)

Then I found SheriLynDesigns and asked her to create a custom front page and also use blank pages.  She said that was not a problem so I quickly placed my order.  Sheri was so easy to communicate with and got back to me so fast (something I love!) and also shipped out my order within 4 days of purchasing!

When I received my notebook, I honestly couldn't have been happier, it was exactly what I wanted!  I made sure to give it to the hubs since my birthday was just days away.

Here were my first "cards" for my 30th birthday - I told the hubs that next time he either needs to get me a separate card from him or at least write something in this for me - I think he thought he was getting out of that by doing this, but nope :)

Love these answers!

I am so so happy with my new card binder, you should totally go check out SheriLynDesigns and get one for yourself!

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