Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts/Confessions 3.30.17

Hey there Thursday! Damn you sure came fast. We are half way over our Spring Break week but the fun will continue. Today we are heading out to hang out with my nieces at a new arcade/bowling alley. I know the kids will have a blast and I'll probably burn 1000 calories chasing Avery - seriously that girl is crazy :)

Here's some thoughts for you on this Thursday

//I really want the Iphone 7 but I'm still paying for the 6 since I was super late to the game getting that. So while it's a want, it's going to stay just that and maybe one day I'll get it, but it's not going to be any time soon, boo

//I need some new Easter decorations bad - I pulled out my bin and was like ummm I don't have much at all! Hopefully I can get to Hobby Lobby or Michaels soon!

//My house has been completely neglected this week, like bad. We've been so busy doing all the things it's just been put on the back burner. This morning I have to clean

//Our weather is super crappy and I'm over it. I would like to see the sun again and bring us back those 70 degrees too

//I just ordered this dress from Old Navy thanks to Andrea's recommendation and I can't wait to get it! Seriously give me all the florals!

//My Facebook deals page has been growing but I need it to grow even more if I want it to be even semi successful. If you haven't joined please do here and invite your friends!! I have a goal to get to 1000 members and I hope I reach it soon! There are 400 members now so really if everyone just added 2 friends I would easily get to 1000, wink wink :) (shameless plug I know) I really love finding the deals so I hope the group grows to make it all worth it :)

//Rick is the head coach of Brayden's baseball team and we are finding out just how political these things are. It's kind of crazy actually and I'm hoping we just keep the peace and stay focused on teaching the kids and having lots of fun!

//I seriously am obsessed with all the crazy murder shows on the ID channel. Seriously, it's all my DVR has on it. Pretty sure Rick sleeps with one eye open LOL

I think that's enough for today :)


  1. That dress is super cute! At least you have Easter decorations. I suck at decorating for anything other than Christmas!

  2. Our weather has been awful here too and on top of that, it's spring break! Yesterday was the best day so far and it was sunny and in the low 80s. Today it's back to cloudy/rainy and cool...ugh.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Girl, you're gonna be a floral beauty!! Thanks for the shout out and I'll be your blogger blame on that one!! Make sure you model it for the blog!! ;-)

    1. I can't wait to get it! I hope it looks half as good on me as it did on you!

  4. Haha. I love those murder shows too. I want the new iphone 7 as well, but there is supposed to be the new anniversary iphone coming out this September. So try to hold out for that. It's the 10 year anniversary iphone. I saw that dress and wanted to order it in tall and they didn't have that color. Boo.

  5. You already have 400 followers?! That is awesome, girl!! You will easily hit that 1000 goal and soon!

    And yes, the little league politics are out of control here, too. Both of our nephews play and we hear the CRAZIEST stories from B's sis and BIL. People are just nuts. I'm kind of praying that Jacob decides he wants to play soccer or tennis instead. Although I'm sure the politics are everywhere.

  6. Oh my goodness, I have gotten sucked into those murder shows, too. Someone used to have them on at the apartment gym when I worked out and I would always get sucked in. Sorry to hear about all the politics - that is just crazy!

  7. Hobby Lobby, Michaels AND don't forget Target silly :). I don't have much either and I am still wishing I had bought another bunny at Target.