Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Recap {3.13.17}

Happy Monday! We woke up to a winter wonderland around here and while I love the snow, when it comes in March it just isn't the same. I'm sure we will still enjoy it though :)

Anyway, our week was somewhat boring since for the most part I was still in some pain, couldn't move around too well and really couldn't drive until Thursday. There were still some fun moments in there though.

Monday was Brayden's last basketball game and he played great! I know I've said it before, but I love seeing how much he improved over this season, especially since basketball was really not his thing at all. He said he was so sad it was over and he cannot wait to play again next season!


I let Avery play with makeup Tuesday while Ella was at school. Poor girl was begging for it for 2 days so I finally caved and she was happy.

The rest of the week just consisted of a whole lot of nothing LOL.

Friday we went to my sister and brother in laws house to see their new baby and have the kids meet him. The cousins all had a blast playing together!

When we got home, we let Brayden and Ella sleep on the playroom couch/bed and they were so excited! They also set up their leprechaun traps because they just had a feeling one would come that night. They didn't do anything too fancy with their traps, just used some old boxes and propped them up with legos and a string attached to pull it shut when they would catch one. They both put some of their jewels and coins underneath to help lure.

Of course I didn't want them to be disappointed so earlier in the week I grabbed these shamrocks from the dollar store and wrote out some clues. I left a note under Brayden's trap and the first clue under Ella's and they woke up bright and early screaming that the leprechaun tricked them and sent them on a scavenger hunt. At the end was a gold coin for each and some chocolate coins. They had so much fun with this! I would have snapped some pics of them doing the hunt but I was still half asleep.

Saturday I took Ella to dance class then dropped her home and went grocery shopping. Rick was playing checkers with the kids before I left and all I saw were red checkers flying around the house, which was my cue to go. Later in the day we made strawberry ice cream which the kids loved doing, and later on I ran out by myself to Hobby Lobby and Target.

 Saturday night we settled in to eat our homemade ice cream and watch home videos. The kids were loving seeing themselves on the big screen!!

Sunday we hung around all morning and the hubs picked up some breakfast from a local diner. After lunch we headed to the park district to do a fun event they were putting on for St. Patrick's Day. There were crafts, games, snacks and a scavenger hunt. It was a hit with the kiddos.

Brayden was so meticulous with his rainbow art. He was making sure it was perfect!

After that we headed to my in laws and had a yummy corned beef early dinner. 

I have my follow up appt with my surgeon today and I can't wait to hear how he thinks everything is looking. I'm still super swollen and I'm really hoping that will go down soon otherwise I may need to bust out my maternity clothes bin!


  1. Good luck at your appointment and I hope your pain is getting much better! I love the rainbow art and cute St patties day crowns. Have a wonderful week sweetie.

  2. Hope your appointment today goes well friend. It looks like y'all had a fun, exciting weekend for sure! That scavenger hunt was such a cute idea.

  3. What a fun shamrock game - I'm sure they really enjoyed that!! Hope you have a great week ahead! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Home videos are a thing of the past but I really wish I had more of Connor. I do have iPhone videos if that counts.

  5. Such a cute cousin picture! I love the Leprechaun scavenger hunt too!

  6. That scavenger hunt was such a fun thing!! I bet the kiddos loved it. And girl, you look GOOD! I hope you're feeling as good as you look! Good luck at your appointment today!

  7. Momma you rocked it last week - I am impressed at all you did. I sure hope it's a good report for you from the doctor and I am loving the leprechaun traps, so cute!!!!!

  8. Aww, your favorite has been doing so many fun activities together and relishing life! That's so sweet! I love the scavenger hunt, any kind of scavenger hunt is really cool!

  9. Oh my goodness, how cute was your scavenger hunt?!?!?! LOVE it!

  10. I love that checkers game you have. Where did you get it? And the scavenger hunt is sooo cute. I can't wait to do that stuff with my girls. Love the idea of getting those shamrocks from the dollar store. Homemade ice cream sounds heavenly and in my favorite flavor!