Tuesday, December 8, 2015

christmas 2015 home tour

I thought it would be fun to show off our Christmas decorations, and while doing so, linking up with Momfessionals since she is hosting her Show and Tell today and the topic is Christmas decor!

I don't do over the top decorating, I like to keep it on the more simple side, but that doesn't mean that I don't love Christmas decorations!  I just don't like too much clutter I guess.

Our front door (which I painted red instead of navy or grey!) welcomes you with a Christmas wreath.

My little duck has an adorable winter outfit on to celebrate the season :)

The playroom has minimal decor, well, because there are 3 little tornadoes people who play in here all day every day.

I bought this cute little banner from the Target dollar spot except it was 3$. Still a deal in my mind, just wish it was longer, they tricked me by saying 5' on the cover but 2 feet of that is in the ends of the banner itself.

Of course the kids' little Christmas tree with alot of ornaments they made.



I tossed this cute sign I got from Hobby Lobby a few years ago on the picture ledges (I spy a little dogs head, he he)

On our utility closet door, I hang my Christmas cards using ribbon. I would love to find another way to display but one that is space saver friendly.  This may just be my best option :)

I bought a snowman kit for our downstairs bathroom and it's such a fun touch!

My kitchen really has no decor mostly because I don't want to clutter.  But I think next year I want to add little wreaths on some of my cabinets like I've seen all over blogland and Pinterest.

The one thing it does have is this plate.  I made it last year and it's one of my favorite decorations! I love those little feet so much!!

The downstairs family room is my favorite room during Christmastime because that's where our tree is and our mantel. It feels so cozy down here this time of year! (sidenote, I have no idea why some of my pictures are on an angle, I was standing straight in front taking them, so odd)

I absolutely LOVE my mantel! Of course I always swoon over peoples perfect Pottery Barn decor but that just will never be me.  I love the pops of color and incorporating my kids' art.  Everytime I look into this room I get SO happy.

I made those glittered trees years ago and they were so worth the mess! I love them still, 5 years later. I wrote a cute saying on my chalkboard and added some glitter ornament bulbs I cut out of glittered red cardstock.

In going with my non Pottery Barn style, another thing I absolutely LOVE are our stockings! My mom handmade each of them (except for the dogs) and they are so special to me.


Twinkles was hanging out in Dad's stocking the day I took these :)


And of course, our tree! (I spy Twinkles again!!)

And some of my favorite ornaments on the tree made by my favorite people :)

Brayden's snowman handprint :)

Ella's reindeer handprint :)

Brayden made this one last year in 4 year old preschool, I love it so much!!

This is our 2015 family ornament I just got at a craft fair, love :)

And just to finish it off, a nice bokeh picture of my tree. I love me some bokeh :)

There's a little glimpse into what Christmas looks like in our house! I love color and handmade decorations and there really isn't ever a "theme" around here - it's just the way we like it!

I can't wait to see everyone else's decor!

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