Monday, December 21, 2015

My favorite weekend {Christmas tree chop down + decorating}

My favorite weekend of all year has to be the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We started our own tradition 3 years ago of chopping down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and then decorating the tree and the house on that Saturday.

This year, the weather wasn't so great for the tree chop down but it was definitely better than last year where it was probably in the teens.  This year it was just cold, a little rainy, and a lot muddy.

Despite the nasty weather, we still took our sweet time picking out our tree.  This year we were smart and I had Avery in my ergo carrier and didn't bring a stroller (strollers + tree farms do not mix!)

The hubby and Brayden just got done cutting the tree down - Hubby does the sawing and Brayden helps push it over.

Poor Ella fell in the mud about 2 minutes into looking for a tree so girlfriend was not happy and the drizzling rain wasn't helping either.  She kept crying saying "I want to go home!" Sorry Ella, no chance, we are busy making memories over here :) LOL


After the tree was chopped, we got it shaken and baled and netted and the hubs strapped it to the top of our car.  We then headed in to the barn to get some hot cocoa and donuts :)

Santa was there and Brayden really wanted to go see him so we did.  He literally just stared at him while Santa talked.  I swear he was thinking "whoa, this is the real Santa" - in my opinion he really was the real Santa :)

Ella said she wanted to see him too because she had to tell him she wanted that Frozen Ice Castle and a pink ipad (she is so funny) but the first time up she cried hysterically and ran away.  Then as we were all ready to go she said she was ready to go see him and that she "wouldn't cry this time"

She was so cute on his lap! She told him all about the ice castle but forgot to mention the pink ipad :)

The next day we went to see the Good Dinosaur in the morning with the big kids and later at night we started decorating the house and the tree.  We had the Christmas music playing and the kids were having so much fun dancing around and acting all sorts of crazy.

It's a miracle, they are all looking!

Avery was SO into all of the decorating.  She couldn't keep her little hands off the lights and the ornaments :)

Brayden was my big helper decorating the tree with the ornaments. It was me and him until almost 10pm while everyone else was fast asleep.

Then I looked at what he was doing with all of the bulbs and noticed that he put them all together and hung them on the tree light strand instead of the tree, LOL

We woke up the hubs (who fell asleep with Ella) so he could lift Brayden up to put the angel on

The next day the kids decorated their little playroom tree but Avery wanted no part in that, she wanted to walk around with her light saber

There is nothing cuter than kids decorating a tree!

Brayen wrote his very first letter to Santa all by himself! In the years past, the hubby always typed up letters from the kids to Santa, but our boy is getting so big he can now write his own :)

While Ella rested upstairs, Brayden and I decorated a door as a snowman. I got the kit from Target for $7, so worth it if you ask me!

That sums up my most favorite weekend! Only wish I wasn't so sick but I still managed to enjoy it. 

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