Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Friday {12.11.15}

Happy Friday Friends!

Can someone please tell me how the heck this happened????.....

I really can't believe we are soooo close to Christmas! We have had unseasonably warm weather here lately and while I'm not complaining, it just doesn't help make it feel like Christmastime.  Please bring on the snow!!!

Ok back to our scheduled programming...let's get to the link up partay!


In case you missed it, I blogged about our Christmas decorations this week - you can see it here.  A lot of our decorations are handmade and those are my absolute favorite!


I also managed to blog about my little gal's Christmas wish list this week - you can see that here. I hope she is one happy 3 year old on Christmas morning!


Tonight I have a date with the hubs to go ice skating.  The last time we were suppose to go ice skating was 8 years ago at this exact time of year.  I'll give you the back story.... We were in the city (which is soooo beautiful at Christmastime) and we had plans to wine, dine, look at the lights, and go ice skating in Millenium Park (which is so picture perfect this time of year). To make our night even more perfect, it was snowing (which is my favorite!)  We did everything on our list but when it came time for ice skating, we were told there was a 2 hour wait. Now if you know me at all, you know I already built up this night in my head before we even went and the perfect ending was ice skating so to be told there was a 2 hour wait (which we would not be waiting) totally crushed me.  We went inside the bar they have and ordered a drink and there were tears in my eyes, I remember Rick feeling so sorry for me and also probably thinking I was grade A crazy! After our drink we walked around the park overlooking the ice skating rink and this is where he proposed!! It ended up being the absolute perfect night anyway, despite our ice skating mishap.  I'll never forget that night as long as I live, it was so special!

Sooooo anyway, back to tonight - we are going to ice skate outside at a closer location and I hope it's everything I've hyped it up to be in my head, LOL


This is a great roundup of Christmas books! I've ordered a few and I can't wait for them to get here (and thanks to Amazon Prime, I don't have to wait too long!)

Extra Special Christmas Books. So many I want to add to my collection!:


Check out these adorable studs for less than 4$!!! I know there are only a few colors left, but still some good ones in my opinion.  Keep checking back because they will restock and probably go on sale again!

These are also so pretty and still well within budget - $12 each or 2 for $20 and a bunch of colors available! Best part is Nordstrom has free shipping on any amount!

Happy Weekend!!

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