Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy Friday {12.4.15}

Happy Friday Friends! I *think* it's safe for me to say that this horrible cold I've had for 2 weeks, yes, 2 weeks, as in 14 days of congestion, coughing, sore throat and I even got pink eye in there, is finally on its way out Then this week my girls got sick again too. My gosh I know it could be worse, but I am so over this sickness around here.

Anyway, let's get the link up party started :)

{ONE} Elf on the Shelf

So I started the elf on the shelf 3 years ago and it's been so fun for sure, but my gosh why is it so hard for me to remember to move the damn thing!? The past years Brayden was younger and not as curious and Ella, well had no clue, and Avery was non existent for a while, so it didn't really matter when he didn't move, but now it's alot harder to explain and make it sound believable.  We're only 5 days in and I forgot to move him the other night and felt so bad when Brayden woke up and went on the hunt for him only to see him in the same place. I quickly said he was probably too tired to fly back to the North Pole and you could see it settling in his little brain and a few minutes later he said, "you're right Mom, he was probably too tired to fly back" Phew!! I need to get on my game from here on out!

{TWO} - Christmas Gift Ideas

I shared our little boys Christmas gift wish list the other day, you can see it here. Buying gifts for my kids is one of my favorite things to do!

{THREE} - Curling Wand

I need a new curling wand and was debating on getting a Nume, but think this one will fit the bill and you can't beat that price! I sent it to Santa so hopefully it will be under our tree :)

{FOUR} Hallmark Christmas Movies

So I totally inherited the love for cheesy movies gene from my Mama.  I just love them! The Hallmark channel at Christmastime is my absolute favorite and it does not disappoint! Of course now that I have 3 littles who need me 24/7, I'm lucky if I can watch one movie a week, but the ones I have seen are so cute!

Now that my nasty cold is on its way out, I want to eat everything to make up for all of the good food I missed the past 2 weeks.  The hubs is going to make his famous ribs on Sunday and I'm going to make this dip to go along with them. I've made it before and it's sooooooooo good, definitely a favorite around here!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

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