Wednesday, December 23, 2015

3rd visit to Santa

Well we went and saw the big guy yesterday at our Mall - you know because that was Brayden's one request while he was on winter break.  I was so happy I pushed us to leave the house by 8am and we were in line by 8:30 - and yes, there was a line! We waited about 30 minutes which wasn't so bad and there is plenty to keep you entertained while waiting.

There's an Ice Palace you enter into right before you see Santa.  Snow is falling and the kids love it. 

Then it was time to meet Santa! Brayden and Ella walked right up and were completely mesmerized. I grabbed Miss A and put her right on his lap to get the picture taken first - of course she was less than thrilled - poor girl had to be tortured again.

After the picture, I took A and the bigs talked with Santa for a while. They both said they wanted pink and blue Ipads and Santa just kind of brushed that off and asked what else they wanted, LOL. (little do they know they are getting pink and blue tablets from my Mom but I have been making them think otherwise for months)

Brayden asked for the hot wheels toy and Ella asked for that big ice castle :)  Santa said he thinks those wouldn't be a problem.

They hugged him and we were on our way.  We walked around the mall for a little, grabbed some hot pretzels then left.  The line to see Santa when we were leaving (10:30am) was seriously at least a 3 hour wait!

Until next year, Santa


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