Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Gift List {for little girls}

Today I thought I'd share with you my sweet little Ella's Christmas gift list.  Of course she only has 1 thing on her mind, and that is the Queen Elsa's Frozen Ice Castle.  It is ALL she talks about (well that, and a pink ipad) and I hope her little face is beaming with delight when she sees it on Christmas morning!

That being said, of course we got her plenty of other gifts too - below is a roundup of gift ideas for that perfect little girl!

1. Disney Princess Pop Up Magic Castle Game - My girl loves princesses and she loves game so this was a no brainer

2. Lego Duplos Cafe - She loves duplos so much and they are always a Christmas gift staple around here.

3. Lil Woodzeez Treehouse - I love this treehouse! I can see hours of play going on with this.

4. Aladdin Figurine Set  - We love little figurines around here and play with them everyday! She has almost every Disney character except the Aladdin people, she will love this!

5. Tea Set -  I wanted to get Ella a nicer tea set than the plastic one we have so we can set up tea parties in her room for all her little "friends" - she loves having a tea party!

6. Ballet Star Book - Since my sweet girl started ballet this year I know she will love this book!

7. Elsa's Ice Palace Playset - And of course, this is THE item that I know my girl will flip over!! We already have it but it's sitting in a HUGE box and the hubs really needs to get to work on putting it together :)

8. Anna Doll - Because of course that expensive playset doesn't even come with a doll!

9. My Pretty Mosaic - I love these little mosaic crafts, they are so fun!

10. Elsa Doll - You can't have Elsa's Ice Palace without Elsa!

11. Play Doh Set - Play doh is another Christmas gift staple that you can't go wrong with.

For Ella's stocking she'll get a bunch of girly stuff - she LOVES painting her nails and doing her "makeup" so some of that stuff for sure.  I think she would love this necklace too! And then of course her favorite candy and lotto tickets :)

Are any of these on your gals Christmas list? 

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