Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015 Recap

Wow, I can't believe Christmas has come and gone - in the blink of an eye it seems.  I feel like we did so much to soak up the season and I was very present through all of it but still, it went too damn fast.

However, we are still cranking the holiday tunes and admiring our Christmas tree over here so we will soak it up even longer.

Christmas Eve morning we woke up to a surprise North Pole breakfast from our elf! It was so fun and the kids enjoyed it SO much.  We did this last year too and it will now be a tradition - something fun to mark the end of our elf's stay.

Later in the morning we made brownies to bring to my aunts and cookies to leave out for Santa. After Avery had a nap we all got dressed and ready and headed to my aunts at 5. Ella wasn't feeling so hot so we gave her some ibuprofen in order to make it through the night.

Even though Ella & Avery were in terrible moods, we still managed to have a good time. We stayed for a few hours then headed home to read The Night Before Christmas to the kids and then wait for them to fall into a deeeep sleep.

We put everything out and I think I collapsed by 1am.

Ella was really into opening this year and Brayden was all about sorting the presents by name. We originally tried to say they take turns opening but Ella being her 3 year old self, did not listen to that one and just started opening everything, ha ha.

Brayden was funny - he only asked for 3 things this year so when he was opening more gifts he would say "I didn't ask for this, but thanks!" Some things he liked and others I think he thought "why did I get this?!"

We made them wait to open their "big" presents from Santa last and Ella was over the moon when she saw her castle!! I thought Brayden would have been a tad more excited about his hot wheels garage though.  He opened it and said, oh it's my hot wheels garage, like it was the same as receiving books, LOL

At the end of presents, Brayden said " I guess we didn't get our pink and blue ipads Ella" and I told him remember what Santa said, and he was like "oh yeah, he isn't a fan of those kinds of things" LOL

We played all morning, ate homemade cinnamon rolls (our tradition) then headed to my Moms in the afternoon.

My Mom had a full spread of delicious food and I inhaled everything within minutes ( I was starving)

The kids had SO many presents to open - again, we tried to take turns there and it was working a little better than at our house. My Mom waited to give them their tablets last and again, I thought there would have been more excitement - Brayden, said "oh, these are our ipads" - I think the problem this year was Brayden asked for 3 things and he just assumed in his little mind that he would automatically get them (and he did) and also he just isn't the type of kid who gets overly excited for anything - never has been and I don't see it ever changing. I told the hubby next year we need to make sure to not get him something on his list (although when he thought he didn't get the ipads at our house he really didn't care so at least I know in that sense he's not a spoiled brat) - I guess I just thought there would be more emotion, but I've learned that kids are all different and rarely will they react the way you think they will :)

It was still a fabulous Christmas and we have been enjoying the gifts all weekend long! I feel like I am on vacation these 2 weeks with Brayden being home, but today it's time to get my butt back in order and actually do some things around the house and I should probably get to the grocery store...

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

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