Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Oh hey Monday, you're back again :) This week is filled lots of play dates and will be a fun one I'm sure.

But first, our weekend.  We had such a great one! Friday the kids, my Mom and I  headed out by my sister's house and went to a nature center.  It was such a nice one! It was like a little museum for kids and they had SO much fun

Friday afternoon I took the kids' for haircuts.  This was Ella's first official haircut (I've trimmed a touch off before) and she was beyond cute sitting in the chair.

Our girl even curled her hair for her just like Sofia the First :)

Friday night the hubs finally had our ice skating date!! 8 years later! We had so much fun but realized quickly we were not very good on skates.  We did get the hang of it and then I never wanted to get off...but hubby's ankles were killing him so we didn't last as long as I would have wanted. We grabbed drinks and apps and it was such a good night - but we had to laugh, we were home from date night by 8:30, LOL

Saturday we had my nieces 5th birthday party.  It was at the showroom for those outdoor playsets and there were tons set up and you could just play on everything! The kids had soooo much fun here.

At night the hubs went out with his friends and it was me and the kiddos.  We played lots of Mr Potato Head and then some serious games of Connect 4.  I love soaking in the moments of playtime with my kiddos

Twinkles our elf was up to some tricks when he used a whole bag of my bows to decorate our cabinets, silly elf!!

Ella drew her first self portrait and wrote her name! She impresses me more and more by the day. (Although it will be even better when she gives herself some arms, LOL)

Yesterday we had a birthday party at a chidren's museum and again, the kids had SO much fun! I love children's museums, there is so so much to do and to get the kids' brains really working too

And that was our weekend! So much family time, plus a little date night in there and it was perfect. 

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