Monday, December 7, 2015

life lately

Happy Monday! I haven't shared some life lately in a while so that's what you'll be seeing today :)

Walking my boy to the bus stop, I love these little moments!

Hanging with my girls, having a snack playing Minnie/Mickey. I just love them so!

My tiny dancer! Ella absolutely LOVES dance class and that makes me so happy.  I cannot wait for her recital!!

Miss A started walking last month and now the girl is unstoppable! She is always on the move and I don't know if there's anything cuter than little chunky baby legs walking around!

Miss A is also what we refer to as a velcro baby. Girlfriend does not unleash from me until Daddy comes home, then she sticks to him for the night. I know it won't last forever and that's what I always remind myself

Doing some drawing and stickers, always a crowd pleaser around here

I had to take the kids for flu shots the other week and this boy was not letting the nurse get to his arms. About 5 seconds after this and no budging on his behalf, I had to hold him down, oh the joys of motherhood!

Brayden is such a good helper! The other day he offered to fold all of the towels.

The kids were putting their shoeboxes together for Operation Christmas Child.  I can't wait to see where ours end up.

I was at Brayden's school the other day and saw this. I love that he chose to do an all about on me but I think I need to remind him that I am a she, not a he :)

I took the girls to the library the other week and girlfriend just loves playing games on the computer! It was so hard to pry her away!

Avery's got that annoying little sister thing down pat :)

This is Avery's favorite book! She picks it up and brings it to wherever you are, multiple times a day for you to read it to her.  But this time I saw she took it upon herself to read it alone, silly girl!

Morning time with my girls.  Ella loves Avery soooo much and usually shows her with a choke hold :)

The best part of their morning since Dec 1st started - chocolate advent calendars!!

The other morning, Brayden was up so early and he asked if we could make chocolate chip pancakes, umm yes! So he was my helper and we whipped some up.

Then he started pretending to be a soldier and I was dying at his facial expressions!!

So serious to start...

still trying to be serious...

breaking character....

finally broke! we were laughing so hard at this, my boy can be so silly and I love that

Me and Ella Bella got some much needed one on one time the other day while Avery napped. We played play-doh for over an hour!

Yep, velcro baby, told ya :)

Our elf, Twinkles, finally got off his lazy bum and did something semi creative.  Brayden loved it so much and of course ate half of the marshmellows

The other day I took Ella to a fun class through the park district. When I signed up I just assumed it was a parent/child class but when we got there the teachers said, Ok, parents, see you in 1 hour! I was sooo not prepared for that and totally sad because I wanted this time with my sweet Ella, but she went in with only a few seconds of crying and did awesome.  She told me she had so much fun so that's all that matters ;)

And that's a wrap. Now we are so focused on celebrating this month with as many Christmas activities as we can! 

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