Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Resolutions

I'm not usually one to make tons of resolutions for the new year - I try to think of them more as goals. This year I am going to set some and really try and stick to them.

1. Be the best Mommy I can be - I feel like lately the kids have started to overwhelm me and I am yelling more than I would like to admit.  I said to Rick the other day that I though it was going to get easier the older they got, and he laughed and said ummm no it's the exact opposite! So - I'm really going to try not to yell unless someone is in danger and try and be as patient and understanding of these little people as possible.

2. Be the best Wife I can be - I know this sounds cheesy, but marriage is work, right? Mine is not perfect nor will it ever be, but there are definitely things I can do to help better it. I want to be more understanding and supportive in 2016 and have more open communication to avoid little annoying fights.  

3. Declutter our life - We have SO much stuff in our house it's ridiculous.  For 3 years, our basement has basically served as a garbage dump where we just hoard everything.  This week Rick has started sorting through stuff and making garbage/donate piles and it already looks 10 times better.  I can't wait to see it when everything actually has a place (rather than just thrown on top of eachother) and it's cleared out enough to enjoy the space.  It's not a finished basement but we do have a couch/tv/video games/poker table set up down there and it's good enough just to go hang down there for a little bit. 

Our kitchen is also another dumping ground.  Our counters seem to pile up everyday with loads and loads of crap! I would love for the kids to stop bringing their toys out of the playroom and leaving them everywhere else (like my kitchen counters)

4. Organize, Organize, Organize! - This goes with the above - I want everything to have a place. We already have some good systems in place, but also some that just aren't working and some we haven't even started and need to.

5.  Eat a little better - I don't eat that bad right now as it is, but there's always room for improvement. My biggest problem is portion control.  I have always been a big eater and I basically only work out so I can eat - but this new year I want to remedy that. Smaller portions, better choices in what I put in my body and instead of having 2 cheat days on the weekends where I let myself eat whatever I want, only 1.  

6. Working out - I already work out 4-5 times a week but I would like to increase my time or change up my workouts.

7. Date my husband more - Since having kids, we really don't get out much.  We have chosen to only let family watch our kids because that's what we feel safest doing and sometimes that limits us on going out. I want to try and squeeze in more dates this new year - even if it's at home after we wrangle the kids to bed.  Instead of sitting on the couch watching tv (which always puts me to sleep) we can play games or work on a project together.  

8. Lots of family time - As much as I love alone time with my hubby, I love family time probably a little more.  These 4 people I share my life with are my everything.  I feel like we already do so much as a family, but we could step our game up.  I would like to incorporate Friday night game nights and just spend good quality time with one another.

Most of all, I want 2016 to bring health and happiness to all those I love. Those 2 things are really all that mater.

Happy New Year!

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