Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NYE 2015

This year (or last year I should say) we decided to stay in on NYE and make a bunch of finger foods and play fun games with the kids.  They were so excited and kept saying, "we're having a party tonight!" all day long.

But first, we took them to a fun NYE thing our park district does - there were bounce houses, riding toys, carnival games and the huge soccer fields were open with balls and motorized vehicles to ride around on  The kids had so much fun and at noon they did a balloon drop which sounded and looked like it would be cool but when the balloons dropped, it was pure choas! Every kid there (and their parents) all rushing into the middle to try and get balloons. I grabbed each kid a balloon and we hightailed it out of there!

Best attempt at a picture :)

Avery took a nap, the older kids played and the hubby and I got done some things around the house before our party began.

I looked up fun games to play and they were all like those minute to win it games - I chose to do 4 but we only got to 3.  Avery kind of makes it hard to do anything as you will see in the pictures :)

We have crowned Ella the official awkward picture taker :)

"kids go take a picture by the tree"

Nope, not happening

One of our games was to stack the cups the highest and keep it standing without falling - under 1 minute - and little Miss Avery just loved to come in and knock them down :)

So proud of herself for ruining the game, LOL

Another game was stack the dice in under 1 minute - Brayden won with 5 dice! (this is much harder than it looks)

We did a countdown with the kids on Netflix then put Avery to bed.  Once she was down, we all went downstairs and played WiiU - the kids are obsessed!

Around 10 Ella went to bed and I was shortly after her.  Brayden and Rick stayed playing video games and I guess Rick ended up falling asleep and woke up at 11:30 to Brayden still wide eyed playing Mario Kart 8, LOL.  He said it was time for bed and they headed upstairs, although he did say that Brayden easily could have stayed up for hours, ha ha.

It was such a fun NYE, even if we didn't make it until midnight :)

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