Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Friday {1.8.15}

Happy Friday Friends! 

I'm finally done watching Making of a Murderer so maybe that means there will be more time for blogging? :)

Let's get to the link up


Look how cute these are!? I think I'm going to tackle these for Ella's room

This post is brought to you by ASTROBRIGHTS® PAPERS. All opinions are mine!  Rainbow Paper Dahlia Flowers  Spring is finally in the air here {FINALLY!!} and Easter is just around the corner! I love using a rainbow of colors to decorate for East:


I shared some favorite tried and true dinner recipes earlier this week - you can check it out here if you missed it :) I love when I hear about recipes other people have tried and love so I thought I'd pass the love along.


I mentioned in December how I ordered Winter Street - well over break I finally finished it and I loved it! It was so good and such an easy read.  My Mom bought me Winter Stroll for Christmas (the sequel) and I finished in 2 days (that is usually not like me at all, it was that good!)  Definitely some of my favorite books.

I cannot wait for the 3rd book to come out but that's not until December this year, so I have a while. I definitely recommend these books!



Every year I say I'm going to make some cute advent for Valentine's Day but I never do - This looks so cute! Maybe, just maybe I'll tackle it this year.

Countdown to Valentine's Day - Just Us Four:


I saw this on Facebook last night and literally laughed out loud, this is soooo true 

Happy Weekend!!

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