Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Friday {1.29.16}

Wow it's the last Friday of the month - does that seem crazy to anyone else!?

We have a super fun weekend planned filled with a family sleepover tonight with my sis, brother in law and nephew and 2 birthday parties the rest of the weekend.  

Now on to the link up


I posted this on my FB page the other day - it is so freaking hilarious because in our house, it's so true! Almost every night I make popcorn after the kids go to bed and 9 times out of 10 Brayden or Ella or both come down and ask "Do I smell popcorn?!"


Have you ever seen those parody videos by the Holderness Family? Their videos are my favorite!

Check this one out about being 40 - I know I am not 40 however, I can relate to everything in this parody, hilarious!!


Ok so since it's freezing here and we won't be having any bonfires for a looooong time, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be so fun and yummy to make!

S’more Bites:: A quick, easy, fun dessert for guests.:


I shared our new DIY playroom artwork this week - you can see it here.  DIY'ing is definitley a favorite of mine and I love how it turned out! And love the saying even more.


I took Brayden to the dentist this week and he told us Brayden has a loose tooth! I really can't believe that is already happening, like didn't I just give birth to him and now he's going to be loosing teeth!?

Anyway, for when the time comes, I saw these super cute tooth fairy printables on Pinterest and will for sure be using them (I hope not for a while though)

Tooth Fairy Receipt Free Printable!  Such a fun idea for kids!:

Hoping everyone has a great weekend!

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