Thursday, January 14, 2016

quick & easy ice cream cake

There was a girl I use to work with who would make the best ice cream cakes! She once gave me the recipe but of course I lost it. The kids wanted to make one for our New Years Eve party so I just kind of threw together stuff - this is different than the one my co worker made because she didn't use ice cream sandwiches, I was just looking for an easy route :)

All you need to make this delicious treat is

10-12 ice cream sandwiches
1 container of cool whip
1 jar of hot fudge (I used the small jar)
1 jar of caramel (again, small jar)

Unwrap your ice cream sandwiches and layer them across the bottom of a 8" x 8" baking dish.  You will probably have to cut them to fit.

Warm up the hot fudge a little so it's easier to pour.  Pour half of the hot fudge and half of the caramel over the ice cream sandwiches then cover with half of the cool whip.

Repeat one more time and pop it in the freezer.  Before eating, take out and sit on the counter for 5 minutes to help make it easier to cut.


Just look at all that goodness!

This was such a delicious and easy treat and the kids had so much fun helping making it.

I think this will be a request at any of our future parties :)

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