Monday, January 11, 2016

Life Lately

It's been a while since I've dumped some photos and shared what we've been up to.

While Brayden was on winter break, I took the kids to a McDonalds by us that has a play area (and a really nice one at that!) When we walked in we saw the doors to go into the play area were locked and there was a sign that it was closed all day due to meetings being held in there.  Needless to say every person who walked in with a kid(s) were there for that play area and this McDonalds managed to piss of lots of people that day.

We decided to stay and eat anyway and Brayden was being extra funny while inhaling his cheeseburger

Some afternoon playtime over break - I love my cuties!!

We got a little snow a couple weeks ago and the kids wanted to go play - once Avery was down for her nap we headed out.

Ella loved making snow angels! After playing, I looked at our yard and it was covered in her snow angels :)

 My Mom happened to be over so she was there to snap a picture of me dragging the kids around the yard - it would really be nice if we had a hill back there LOL

This is what the bigs do to stay away from Avery.  Poor girl just wants to see what her big sis and brother are doing (and also destroy whatever they are doing) - I guess I really can't blame them

We saw the new Chipmunk movie and I'm pretty sure right here Brayden has a huge brain freeze :)

Brayden's been really into playing Go Fish lately so each night we play a few games, it's so fun! I especially love Ella's little voice saying "goldfish!"

These girls could play play doh every day!

I had to take Ella to get an EKG the other day (she was born with a small hole in her heart and we are going to see a cardiologist at the end of the month for an echo-cardiogram to check on it, but first we needed to do the EKG) My girl did so good considering she had tons of wires hooked up to her and had to be completely still (which she is NOT good at, he he)

After the dr, us girls headed to the library for play time and story time

Since Ella did so great at the dr, we went for ice cream after the library.  My girl was in heaven :)

We went to Ikea the other day and Ella loved hanging out on every chair/couch/bed she saw

Ella is my new little helper in the kitchen.  If you are about to make something, she pulls up a chair (while knocking into all of the cabinets along the way) and says "I will help you!"

We were heading out to a playdate the other morning and Ella wanted to bring her Anna doll in her little backpack, I couldn't help but fast forward in my head to when she is in school, I don't think I'll ever be ready to let her go! (but she sure looks cute with a little backpack)

Since the hubs cleaned out most of our basement, there is actually a place to sit and play games - we were playing Headbanz the other night and having so much fun

And that's life lately! 

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