Monday, February 1, 2016

Avery Jane 18 months


My sweet, sweet Avery Jane, Happy 18 months!

Time is going so so fast but I still look at you as my little baby.  I know you are fastly approaching todderville though and your tantrums are here to prove it! You are just the sweetest little thing (minus those tantrums) and you are ALWAYS full of smiles! You are such a joy to our lives and I love watching you grow!

This month we had a bad accident with you - I was making pasta on the stove and went to bring the hot water to the sink to drain the pasta and you walked right past me and startled me and I kind of tipped the pan into the sink quicker than I wanted to and water sprayed out all over the floor and some got you on your back. I knew instantly this was bad as this was scolding hot water. I ripped your shirt off and put a cold rag on your back right away.  You of course were in so much pain and I was so upset with myself for letting that happen.  I gave you Ibprofen and called the dr who pretty much said to keep putting a cold compress on it for a while and treat with pain reliever and just to keep an eye on it.  This could have been so much worse so for that I am thankful it wasn't but I still to this day think about it and how much guilt I have.  I am glad you won't remember this but when you're older you'll know and I hope you'll forgive me :)

You are such a cuddle bug and I love it!! Your brother and sister were never much into cuddling so I just eat this up with you!!

You really know how to push your brother and sisters buttons! You are always stealing their toys, taking what they have, then running fast away and if they try and take it back you immediately start crying. Of course this almost always ensures for you to get your way and keep what you took #nicemoves

Even though you can drive them bananas, Brayden and Ella really love you so much. They always look out for you and Ella is so attentive to your needs.  She does not like when you're sad and crying, and always tries to make you stop - mostly she plays peek-a-boo with you and almost always it works!

You are talking soooo much! It's of course mostly blabber but it's so cute!! Everyday you say more and more.

You are in complete monkey see monkey do phase. It's the cutest most of the time except when you're trying to climb something like your brother or sister do and you're in danger.

You are teething SO bad! You are constantly in pain and we feel so bad for you.  We try to give you comfort with teething necklaces or rings but you don't want them.  Thankfully *most* nights you sleep through this.

You do not care for TV at all but are obsessed with Frozen Fever - a little 10 minute Frozen movie about Elsa throwing Anna a birthday party.  If I ever just need a few minutes I put that on and you are mesmerized! But nothing else will do (unlike your brother and sister who were obsessed with Mickey at this point in their lives)

You are a Mama's girl from the time you wake up until the time Daddy walks in the door, then I am chopped liver and you are a total Daddy's girl! It's kind of crazy how attached you are to me aaaalllllll day and then boom Dad's home and when I try and take you from him you shake your head no no no and hide in his arms.

You are a pretty good eater overall but dinner seems to be our downfall.  At this age with your brother and sister, they were eating what the rest of us were cut up small, but you want no part of the yummy dinners I make.  I don't get it at all. You don't even like pasta! Most nights we have to make you something separate which consists of chicken nuggets, cheese quesadilla or pb & j. You also really don't eat many veggies, but it's a good thing that when I make a smoothie with spinach, broccoli, carrots, and fruit you suck that baby down so fast! 

Here are some of your favorite things:

Food: Breakfast sausage & Pizza
Toy: Anything your brother and sister are playing with - baby toys are so yesterday for you
Show: Frozen Fever as mentioned above
Game: Flying airplane on Mom or Dad

Baby girl, I just love watching you grow! I hope I always get to. I am so lucky I get to call you mine. I love you so much!


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