Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Recap 2.22.16

Another week has gone  flown by! 

We went to a friends house for a playdate last week.  It was Ella hanging with the boys and she had so much fun and held her own quite well! Avery enjoyed waddling around all over the house :)

Going to dance on Tuesday, it was lightly snowing so these two were trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues :)

We spent the mornings playing inside with the new bubbles I got them for Valentine's Day. Girlfriend LOVES bubbles.

We went to Ella's little friends princess birthday party and the girls had so much fun! Avery ran around the place like she owned it and Ella really liked dancing around and pretending to be a princess.

The prettiest princess I've ever seen!

Last Thursday night, my SIL and I took the big cousins to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children. I am so proud of these two for not only volunteering their time but enjoying it too! They did so well and I hope they understood a little of what the cause was about.

Friday, Avery had her 18 month well visit in the morning then aftewards we picked up my Mom and headed to the library for a little while, then to Target.

Then she treated us to lunch at Panera, yumm! 

Saturday we had a gorgeous day! We played outside for a while in the morning then we were off to a 1st birthday party in the city

The following photos are courtesy of Brayden :)

Hanging out at the 1st birthday party.  The kids did really well overall...

Until we had to leave and I went to grab our things and this one just started melting down, like really no idea why, she didn't have a reason.  This was our cue to go :)

Yesterday we hung out more outside although the weather wasn't nearly as nice as Saturday.  We played soccer, bubbles, and pirates and then we were all wiped.

Brayden was giving off way too much of his 5 year old attitude so we had to send him to his room. I went up to check on him and talk to him and saw this. LOL! He took his sign that said "Brayden's Room" and turned it around and wrote Klolsd (closed) - Oh 5 is SO fun!! :)  (and don't mind the door and handle vs the white trim, we are getting our new doors this week!!)

Thankfully the night got much better and we all enjoyed eachothers company.

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