Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekly Recap

Happy Monday! We are enjoying an extra long weekend over here since Brayden has off school today.

Here's a look at what we've been up to this past week:

We had some nice weather (well, above 25) so we headed to the park for a little fresh air!

This girl, she chose to eat her breakfast at the counter, Ok :)

I took the girls to the library for a cooking decorating class.  First there was a story time about Valentine's Day then it was off to decorate a giant heart cookie.



Ella and I working on some school stuff - her hand on her head kills me!

If you follow me on IG - you would have seen this pic already.  I have to make a smoothie pretty much daily so I can make sure Avery is getting enough veggies.  Girlfriend hates to eat them alone on a plate.  Once they're ready, the girls insist we drink them on the kitchen floor..

Ella's dance class had visiting day last week so I got to go in and see her.  All was going great until the instructor brought out toy phones to do some little routine with them (a very 80's routine) and all hell broke loose when Ella couldn't get a pink one.  She cried hysterically for about 10 minutes and skipped that routine and finally was able to get back in it.

Such a rough life as a Kindergartner :)

Ella's been taking my phone lately and when I look at the pictures she taken I giggle, her little feet are so cute :)

Last week Brayden had a half day so me and a couple other Moms took the kids to McDonalds for a playdate.  It was pure insanity since every other parent was thinking to do the same thing that day!

The other night the kids were helping cut up the green peppers for dinner, they loved helping!

Ella at her ice skating lesson last week

We went to Target after ice skating and the only way to keep these girls calm was to get popcorn and pirates booty :)

Poor Brayden had his first zit and it was a pretty decent size white head.  The hubs popped it for him and it was slightly traumatic, LOL

Hugs before school!!

I popped into Brayden's school last Friday to see him - I had no idea they were celebrating his half birthday so that was a nice surprise :)

Going through all his Valentines! Definitely one of the best parts about elementary school right here!

Saturday, the hubs took Brayden to monster trucks with his Dad, brother and nieces - they all had a great time!

Valentine's morning started with heart shaped donuts from DD.  The kids were so excited.

Then it was time for their little Valentine's presents.  I think the highlight was their little shopkins blind baskets, the biggers love those

Later in the day we went to an ice skating birthday party.  It was Brayden's first time on ice skates and he did really well! He did use the red pusher thingy (not sure the actual word) the whole time but at least he was out there and he was having fun! Ella used it too because she saw all the other kids using the and she had a lot of fun with it too.

And that was our fun filled week! Today should be another fun one, we're off to one of Brayden's friends house for a morning play date.

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