Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Recap

Happy Monday! Instead of life lately or weekend recap posts, I think I'm going to start doing a weekly recap. When I worked, it made sense to recap our weekends because that's when all the fun was had, but now that I'm home, we do fun stuff at all different times.  And life lately is good and all but then there are plenty of times I forget to include pictures or stuff we did - so by doing a weekly recap I think I should be able to get everything going on in our lives - there's your back story :)

So let's see what we've been up to this past week:

I took the girls on a playdate to the Carousel Room (same place we had Ella & Avery's 1st birthday) - it is always a super fun time there.  One side has a carousel that you can ride as many times as you like and the other side is a jungle gym area with stuff that Avery can play on and some bigger stuff for Ella.  It's a win, win and we love it there!

Ella and her little friend Olivia :)

I had to run to the grocery store with all 3 and Brayden was super upset he couldn't sit behind the wheel so he chose to lay across the bottom of the cart. I got plenty of looks :)

Ella had her 3rd ice skating lesson and this was the moment things clicked for her! I am SO proud of my little girl! She is getting up by herself and was actually skating!

We were all suppose to go to Home Depot over the weekend to do their kid workshops (which are free by the way and an awesome thing to do with your kids) but before we were leaving Brayden was giving off some serious attitude and being nasty so I told him he had to stay home.  It killed me to do that but his behavior was not going to be tolerated.  The hubs told me I should just take Ella and he would stay home with Mr. Crankypants and Avery.

Ella had a great time building her valentines box and I had so much fun helping her! I really hope next month we can all go.

 We were getting ready to leave for my cousins housewarming party and this girl was just looking too cute for words!

cousins acting goofy :)

Sunday we hung around the house all morning then headed to my in laws for their Super Bowl party where we ate waaaayy too much fun and had a lot of fun. I even hit a strip card after the first quarter and won myself some money :)

We even got to hang outside for a little since the weather was just above freezing! :)

Brayden is obsessed with playing foosball at my in laws - he always wants to be playing. Him and Dad lost against Uncle Justin :(

That's a recap of our week! 

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