Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Friday {2.5.16}

Woohoo for the weekend! 

We have a fun weekend planned - my cousin's housewarming party tomorrow and Super Bowl on Sunday! It's going to be a weekend of eating really good food and I will not hold myself back :)

Now on to the link up party -


Did you all watch Grease Live?? I know it was almost a week ago but musicals are my favorite and I loved it!  Seriously,  it was sooooo good! I have a major girl crush on Julianne Hough and she nailed her role as Sandy.  And Aaron Tveit (had to look him up) as Danny was so good! And of course Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo, ahhmazing! I heard after I watched that her Dad passed away the night before. While that is so incredibly sad, it shows what an amazing actress she is that she was able to put on such a good performance.


Ha ha! Saw this pop up on my newsfeed and it couldn't be more true! I just had to repost it.


The kids and I made these delicious Valentine's brownies, you check them out here


Taking trips/vacations is one of my absolute favorite things to do with my little family. I'm always thinking of the next trip we'll take - while I know this year we're just doing small little getaways and next year is hopefully Disney again - this list is good to have around for when we are ready to take the kiddos on a tropical vaca

affordable all inclusive family beach vacations #PCBPOV:


Speaking of Super Bowl - I found this delicious and cute looking recipe on Pinterest (of course) that I will be making for Sunday

This Pepperoni Pizza Football Cheese Ball is easy to make and a total showstopper! Make this for your next game day celebration and watch the crowd go wild!:

And that's a wrap for today - hoping everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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