Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life Lately

A life lately post is definitely needed, I have waaaay too many pictures piling up :)

At Walmart at 4pm and Ella falls asleep - in the most uncomfortable looking position ever!

Then Brayden gives her a kiss *awwww*

Leaving Walmart Brayden asked to play the claw game, I've said no the past few times so this time I said yes and it only took 2 times for him to win!

A few weeks ago we busted out some new play doh and played for hours!


We also pulled out the Bunchems that Brayden got for Christmas.  These things are so cool!

My sweet Ella, on the mornings we have waffles (frozen of course, ha) or bagels, she has to bring a chair up the counter and "do it myself!" as she says.

I took the kids to our library a couple of weeks ago and my Mom, sis and nephew met us there. There was a magic show being held and oh my gosh was it funny!  The kids enjoyed it so much, especially Brayden!

I had to laugh because Avery was just wondering around and ended up sitting next to random kids she didn't know - this is SO not like her!

This picture in front of the fish tank just cracks me up!

My little girl trying to be all big! She loves taking my eyelash curler and using it (the wrong way of course, but soooo cute)

Mommy/Daughter nail time while sissy sleeps :)

To keep the kids entertained the other day (without playing video games) I poured some baking soda into baking dishes then gave them each little bowls with vinegar & food coloring and little droppers and bam, they did this for over an hour!

Brayden's school has this extra reading program called Razz Kids so he spends some time each day reading books online and taking quizzes on them. How is my baby old enough to do this!? (sidenote, gotta love that at age 5 he still has to have something by him, hence his nerf gun)

My sweet Ella at ice skating lessons! I am so proud of her!


We took the kids to BK for ice cream the other night after shopping at Toys R Us - these 2 crack me up!

We went to Disney on Ice with the cousins and the kids loved it!


After baths the other day the kids climbed up to Max and then said "take a picture Mom!"

Movie date with my stud muffin :) 

My little man did so good at the dentist the other day. Can't wait to see how little sis does this month

Puzzle time with my sweet Avery Jane while big sis was over hanging at Grandmas and brother was at school.  It's not very often I get alone time with this one.

My in laws have this in their basement and everytime we're over, Ella says she has to do her workout, ha ha

We were able to play outside last weekend which is awesome when that happens in January/February around here!

I took Brayden to his classmates birthday party over the weekend. It was a karate place and each kid got to break a board with their foot - here he is with his broken board :)

The kids loved watching the guy cut the cake with an actual sword (not sure how safe it was though!)

Yesterday was so nice the girls and I played outside for a while.  While swinging, Ella said "this is the best day of my life." I love that something so small is so big for her.


And that's life lately!

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