Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Recap 2.29.16

Happy Monday! (Wait, is that even a thing??)

Here's what we've been up to all week

Last Monday I took the girls to the local park district Carousel Room. It's always on the list of places Ella wants to go to so off we went.  I had so much fun with them!

Later in the day, Ella and I did a ton of dot marker printables. She loves these!! 

Then we moved on to manga tiles, we love these so much!

Avery loves knocking over anything big sister builds

Tuesday we had a play date with one of Ella's friends at our house. The girls are lunch them we all headed out to play. Once they left and Avery went down for her nap Ella and I headed back out. 

We had so much fun running around our yard, playing on the swingset and blowing bubbles :)

Before dance class Brayden wanted a photo with his sister :)

I didn't hear Ella so went to look for her and found her in a box, silly girl!

Thursday was ice skating lessons for Ella and she did so well! Until she fell on her butt 2 times then she decided she was done. She wasn't crying or anything but she said "it's time to go home now because I fell on my butt" I tried telling her there were 15 more minutes left but I was not winning that argument :)

Friday we went on a play date to a new fun local place. My sister and nephew met us there too and the kids had a lot of fun!

Saturday I went and saw The Choice with my cousin (which was really good but the book was a little better, probably just bc they give you more) then little man had a birthday party. When we got home we decided to walk over to my in laws and they just happened to feed us dinner :)

My father in law found this awesome jacket at an antique store. Brayden gets it until he outgrows it then it will be passed down to my nephew 

We ended the night over there with a friendly foseball competition. Brayden is getting really good!

Saturday night we finally got around to watching Fuller House. The hubs, Brayden and I really liked it but Ella left us after a few minutes

Sunday we had nice weather again so we spent the morning outside

My mom always gets the kids these cute create your face sticker books so the kids and I enjoyed doing a ton of these while Avery napped and the hubby worked on our night stands.

Once Avery woke up we headed to the park so the kids could ride their bikes in the tennis courts and then played at the park

Avery loves the horn on Ella's bike. She would chase after Ella just to try and get the horn. Finally Ella stopped so Miss A could get her thrill.

The night ended with the hubby's famous ribs and watching the Oscars. It was such a nice week!

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