Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Planning your Disney Trip - Booking Airfare

I'm back with more tips on planning your Disney trip! If you're anything like me, you want to go to Disney World without breaking the bank - and that is exactly what we did.

You can see my first post on choosing where to stay here.

Back to today's post:

*Booking Airfare*

Timeframe: 1 - 1/2 years out from your trip

Let me explain that timeframe a little further.

We knew 2 years in advance that we wanted to go to Disney World in 2015. We also knew right away that we were not the type to drive 18+ hours with 3 small children to Disneyworld. I did of course love the saving money part but it was just not going to happen.  We knew airfare would take up a huge chunk of our budget so we thought outside the box.

*If you're not a super big planner like us, this may not work for you.

For everyday/monthly purchases, we always use credit and pay it off the following month.  We always use Discover because they have a good rewards program but in order to get enough for plane tickets we knew we needed to open a new card with some kind of enrollment perks

Enter the Chase Sapphire Card -

Chase Sapphire Preferred No Foreign Transaction Fee Travel credit cards

We switched everything over to this card and within several months we had enough to book 4 plane tickets with only having to pay $150 out of our own pocket!! That is pretty freaking amazing if you ask me.

Of course we got so many points because we were new cardmembers and they offer thousands of points for just opening your card, then if you spend so much in 3 statements you get enough bonus points to basically pay for a flight. Then if you add another person to the account you get another huge bonus.  So we took advantage of every bonus possible, then just used it as normal and like I mentioned above, had enough to pay for almost 4 round trip plane tickets.

If you are considering flying and wanting to save money, I totally recommend opening this card. There is a yearly fee however, but we closed ours before that came into effect (the first year is waived)

**This can be used towards any trip, obviously not just going to Disney World.

Again, if you missed my first post on Where to Stay, you can check it out here

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