Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Monday! I'm back from a blogging break that I didn't really take intentionally, it just sort of happened. We had a such a nice, long weekend and holiday (even though I've been fighting a nasty cold for over a week!)

Thanksgiving is at my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Kevin's house and it is always my favorite! I was so sad this year because of my stinkin cold I couldn't even taste the deliciousness they always deliver with the meal.  I still had a great time regardless of the fact that I was hacking up a lung every 5 seconds and the other time I was blowing snot out of my nose.

I'm thankful my cousin had her camera out so I could get some pics from the night :)

My gorgeous girl!

Me and my handsome boy :)

And then there was the let's try and get a family picture and literally Brayden wouldn't smile once....ahh gotta love the age 5!

My other gorgeous girl :)

Ella was standing up on the chair doing blast off, where she counts down from 10 and then says BLAST OFF! Girl was on point all night with her entertainment, she sang Let It Go and For The First Time in Forever several times :)

Avery was such a ham all night! She is at such a fun age right now

I printed out a couple of games which Brayden was so into.  Later in the night we played the annual Left, Right, Center game and it came down to Brayden and my Uncle Bob and they were both rolling safes for what felt like 10 minutes straight and finally my Uncle Bob was out and it was on Brayden...the rules can go either way but we usually play it where the last person has to roll a safe to keep the money otherwise the game plays on, well it was getting late and Brayden rolled a L but we still kept him as the winner and he was so happy!

This is the picture of a delusional overtired 5 year old boy who loves to gamble :)

And that's a wrap on Thanksgiving 2015, another great year and we have so much to be thankful for.

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