Sunday, November 1, 2015

Avery Jane - 15 months

Baby girl, how in the world are you 15 months! Seriously the time is going just too fast.  You are such a happy girl and you always brighten our day!

You are just on the verge of walking! You have taken 6-8 steps at a time but you aren't doing it consistently enough to call you a walker.  Your brother walked sometime during his 15 month and so did Ella so you are right along track with them.

You love to eat! Your favorite foods are breakfast sausage, pancakes, bananas, grapes, and pizza. We honestly can't believe how much pizza you can eat - you out-eat your siblings every pizza night :) You love to eat your food with a fork and it seems you eat better when you have one.  You are still trying to get the spoon down.

I think you are down to 1 nap a day or at least trying to be.  That's totally ok as long as that 1 nap is 3 hours, got that? :) You go down for bed between 7:30-8pm and get up around 6:30/7.

You don't care about TV at all (which is a good thing don't get me wrong) - you are much different than your brother in that sense, he was loving Mickey Mouse and Barney so much at your age.  Ella wasn't that much into TV at this age either.

You are trying to talk more and more.  You use to say Dadda all of the time and for everything.  You would point at the dog and say "Dadda" but recently you stopped saying that and now you crawl up to me and look right at me and say "MOM!" It's soooo cute! You do alot of pointing to people and things and have little words that go along with it but it's hard to make them out :)

One of your favorite things to do is annoy your big sister and big brother :)  You love to go up to them when they are eating at their little table in the playroom and try to steal their food. If they are playing with a certain toy you better believe you are right there to mess it up.  I am constantly reminding them that you are just a baby and they were little once just like you doing the same exact things.

You love to build blocks but even more to knock them down. You get such a kick out of it.  You love to climb all over me as I'm working out and it is just the cutest thing ever! You don't seem very interested in toys right now and if you are, not for more than 5-10 minutes.

Your favorite games to play are: Hide & Seek, Chase me around the kitchen, Point Out Body Parts, and Take the Toy and Run.

We switched you back to size 3 diapers in the past month because you are well within the weight limit but I think we need to go back to 4's. You are leaking through the 3's every night. You are wearing mostly all 12 months clothes but can still squeeze into 9 months. Last we went to the dr you were 20lbs, but then you got super sick and were down to 18.5lbs so I'm not sure where you exactly are now.

Baby girl, you are such a joy to be around and we love continuing to watch you grow. You fit so perfectly into our family and make all of our lives so much better! We love you SO much!!

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