Monday, November 23, 2015

our thankful pumpkin {a new tradition}

While everyone else seems to be in full Christmas mode, we are still relaxing in Thanksgiving mode over here :) I'm just not the person who can decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, I love the idea of it because then you can enjoy it longer, but nope, it just doesn't seem right for me.

Ok back to Thanksgiving.  Last year someone asked in a Moms group I'm in, what some good Thanksgiving traditions are.  My sisters friend replied with an awesome idea and I knew I wanted to incorporate that into our traditions the following year...

So this year, our Thankful Pumpkin was born! I got a pumpkin after Halloween (scored it for free at a local church which is why it's so big) and on November 1st we started sharing what each of us are thankful for at dinner.  Brayden is at the perfect age because he really understands what it means to be thankful, well for the most part anyway, but my sweet Ella, she surely does NOT get it.  But it's still good to get her talking about being thankful every day and I know it's just a matter of time before she really does get it. Plus, the things she is thankful are hilarious :)

Isn't this just the best idea!? I sure do love it!



What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? We don't have many so I would love to hear more!


  1. We are so doing this this year! Thanks!

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