Sunday, November 22, 2015

first snowfall of the season

Well they weren't wrong about the snow this time! It started falling Friday night and continued all the way until 3pm Saturday.

As soon as the kids woke up on Saturday morning, they wanted to head out.  Miss A was mesmorized looking out the window at the freshly fallen white powder

This was what we woke up to - just about 7" - I think it was close to 10" by 3pm.  Some areas not too far from us had 17"!! This was the largest November snowfall in 120 years!

It's so beautiful, isn't it!?

Little man loves catching snowflakes on his tongue :)

We bundled Miss A up in her brothers gear (no clue where Ella's stuff from this age is, sorry Avery!) and as you can see, she was not a fan!

We stuck her in the swing so we could build a snowman and have a snowball fight :)

Ella was pretty into the snow but she's also pretty prissy in it as well! She doesn't like when it touches her and she half pouts while walking through it. She loosened up as the morning went on and had so much fun playing.

The kids and I made a sad snowman so when Dad came out, he put it to shame and built a Frosty on steroids.

This bad boy was not easy to put together!! The kids had so much fun putting all of his "buttons"on and of course they fought over who put the nose in 

making snow angels! Then getting upset because they weren't perfect (he is so my child)

I went inside with Miss A to get ready because I was heading out to my cousins wedding shower and when I came to say bye I see the boys had created a ginormous ice fort

I was sad I had to leave them, I could have played in the snow all day with them! The first snowfall is always so special :)

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