Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday {11.13.15}

Happy Friday Friends!  We have a nice relaxing weekend planned with hopefully the possibility of the hubby starting our new planked headboard!

Let's get the link up party started, shall we?


Have you ever heard of the Tasty Facebook page?! My cousin turned me on to it and everything I see, I want to make.  Basically they show quick fast videos of food/recipes and everything looks so DELISH!!  Check their page here and like it, you won't be sorry! It's definitely a favorite of mine.

I'm going to try a cream cheese filled banana bread recipe I saw them post this weekend.


I always try to find the best deals for Christmas cards every year and this year I'm pretty sure I found the best deal (with a little bit of work) - I originally found the design I liked from Costco but then I decided to try and replicate it on Picmonkey - and I did just that! It looks exactly like the design from Costco! Once I was done designing our card, I uploaded it to Vistaprint and order our cards from there.  I got 50 cards for $10 (using promo Friends40) plus $5 for shipping - which beats Coscto cards which were $37 for 50. I will need to get envelopes though but I can get those from Michaels for $3-$4 so it's still a huge savings in my book!

Here's a peak at our card :)


I want to change the color of front door. Here's what it currently looks like - kind of a kelly green color.

I picked up samples of navy blue and light grey but have yet to slap them on.   I am the worst at making decisions, even such small ones like this.


               via                                                                                       via

Originally I was all for the navy, but now light gray is growing on me.  I'm thinking about holiday wreaths and decor and which color would look best and I almost think gray would, but I'm still torn. Which do you like better??


Deals, deals & more deals.  Deals are my favorite! I've seen several things this week on sale that I so wish I could purchase and since I'm on a spending money on myself timeout, I thought I'd share with you gals

I just LOVE a good tunic.  Like really, just give me all the tunics :)

I'm loving this one and right now it's 40% off - there are multiple colors available too

This one and this one are really cute too!!

And with every good tunic, you need a great pair of leggings, and these are awesome! I already have them so I know :)  I originally found these on Pinterest Told Me To and she was so right about them

This scarf has had my eye for a while and with the sale price, it's definitely going on my Christmas list (and Santa better jump on it)


Like I mentioned, hopefully my hubby gets around to starting our DIY planked headboard this weekend.  We don't have any set plans, so it should happen and I am super excited!  Here is our inspiration

Planked headboard | Do It Yourself Home Projects from

Have a fabulous weekend!

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