Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekly Recap {10.17.16}

I am so not ready for the week to be here - this weekend really went by way too fast, but then again, don't they all?!

We had a pretty fun week - here's what we were up to

Monday we went on a playdate with a friend and her two girls. I love hanging out with them because her girls are my girls age and her youngest is actually named Avery too and was also born on the same day/year as my Avery!

Miss A enjoyed another week of gymnasatics! And thankfully there were no injuries this time.

Ella and I had lots of playtime while Avery napped - she is so cute!

this is a little person Ella made for me with her play doh, I just loved it!

Our morning walks were so nice with the crisp air - it was definitley feeling like Fall

 Going to pick up Ella at preschool and this cutie fell asleep and stayed asleep even after taking her out of the car. I really enjoyed the snuggles but secrectly kept wanting her to wake up so she wouldn't throw off her nap (which she did)

After school, we've been hitting the park to take advantage of the gorgeous weather! Ella loves the park at her school.

Brayden came home with his school pictures and my heart literally melted!! He is so handsome I cannot take it!

And Thursday night our little man lost his 2nd tooth! Rick helped pull it out because it was so ready. His other tooth was already growing in behind it!

Friday the girls and I met my SIL, nephew and niece at another towns library. This library is so amazing, it's more like a mini children's museum! There is even a slide in it! The kids all had a blast.


Saturday morning was dance class for Ella then straight to Brayden's soccer game. I was freezing and thankfully Rick brought Brayden's hoodie which came in handy :) I had to laugh because my hubby said it looked like something I would actually wear #umno

There's Brayden at goalie!!

Shenanagans with the dog - he looks thrilled, doesn't he?!

Since we didn't have plans Saturday, I decided to take Brayden to the movies last minute. His sisters were sleeping and he was so bored. We saw Petes Dragon since it was out at the discounted theater and it was so good! I love having dates with my little guy!


Saturday night my friend came over after her kids and my kids went to bed (Rick actually went to her house to hang with her hubby too) We drank some wine and watched our Cubbies win!! It was such an exciting game!!

 Sunday we had a friends sons 1st birthday and when we got home Ella said she wanted to try her bike without training wheels. I swear, this girl has no fear!  She was nervous though and if she wants to keep trying we will, but I was proud of her nonetheless!  Brayden was sitting on our driveway rooting her on, it was so sweet!


I'm writing this Sunday night and we are just about to start watching the Cubs game so hopefully I will wake up to good news in the morning since I probably won't be able to stay up!

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  1. So sweet to have a little date with your guy this weekend. That photo of you in his hoodie, Baha ha! So funny. I am super jealous of that library too, that looks amazing.

  2. So many cute pictures from your week!
    We love our library but that one looks like so much fun. They gymnastics picture was adorable and Brayden's school picture is SO cute!
    I hope you have a great week!

  3. Oh my gosh how sweet is his school picture!! That's a framer for sure!! Looks like Brayden enjoyed his date with you:) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love this!! What a fun weekend it looks like you guys had
    Chelsea @

  5. What a fun weekend. I love that your husband thought your son's jacket was something you'd wear. I often times cringe at the thought of allowing my husband to pick anything out for me.

  6. So many fun things! Unexpected snuggles are the best :) How cute you had a special date night with your little guy. Hope you all have a great week! Beautifully Candid

  7. OMG is that Avery standing on her head?! That is SO impressive. I can't imagine either of my kids doing that!

    And I totally LOLed at the picture of you wearing Brayden's jacket because it reminded me of those bolero jackets that I used to wear all the time. Do you remember when those were in style? There was a guy at work who used to always make fun of me and ask where the other half of my shirt had gone. Lol.

  8. How wild that both of your Avery’s were born on the same day and year! That’s awesome. Looks like a great week! Brayden’s school pictures came out great. It’s always fun to see how they come out because you just never know. Mason usually gives them his best fake smile. That library definitely looks like a fun museum. How cool!