Thursday, October 27, 2016

Confessions {10.27.16}

Happy Thursday!

It's time for some confessions!

I confess......

  • There are so many elementary school birthday parties, it's hard to wrap my mind around sometimes! I feel like every week Brayden is coming home with another invitation
  • The weather is looking freaking amazing for Halloween but I will not believe it until I see it - every year it's terrible so I'm really really hoping it will be nice
  • I know Christmas isn't about presents, but I want to buy my kiddos all the things. Good thing we have to stick to a budget or I just might
  • I'm going to be so sad when our basement gets started because I won't be able to run on our treadmill and running outside in the morning won't work because I am still working out when hubby leaves for work. I guess I could run at night but the fact that it's pitch black by 6 means probably not
  • Binge watching Gilmore Gilrs is really effecting my housewife duties, thankfully no one is noticing LOL
  • I've never watched a World Series before this one, (no point) but now, GO CUBS GO!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Oh girl, the birthday parties are neverending at this age. Seriously. You could go broke buying gifts for other people's kids! Haha.

    And GG... I MUST START WATCHING! I'm going to make B watch an episode with me tonight. hehe.

  2. Go Cubs!

    I am on my last episode of GG today. It affects my housewife duties too. Haha.

    I need to reel in my spending on gifts this year. My girls' birthday is 4 days after Christmas so it is hard not to buy all the things.

  3. I was just thinking the same thing about the Halloween forecast. It seems to good to be true... is this a joke?! Aawww! I remember my first World Series watching. It really does havoc on how much sleep you get for sure!

  4. Same here with the World Series. I'm not a baseball fan but I've been watching these games because I want to see the Cubs win.

  5. I’ve been there with the Gilmore Girls binge watching before. The struggle really is real!