Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Weekly Recap {10.11.16}

Happy Tuesday Friends! Since I didn't share our recap yesterday, I'm getting to it today.

We had a rough start to our week but it ended on a high note and that's what I'm focusing on!

The kids are always so cute with our dog and Brayden is always asking me to take their picture :)

Tuesday Miss A had her gymnastics class and all was going well until the end where she fell and hit her gums on what I'm not even sure, but there was lots and lots of blood and tears.  My poor girl!

Thankfully the pain was short lived and we were outside playing later in the day :)


Wednesday night we let Brayden stay up a little late to get some one on one time and me and him did a craft and had the best time!! This boys love language is for sure quality time

We had a playdate with my SIL and the kids had tons of playing at our favorite place,the Carousel Room! (poor A looks like she's missing a tooth but it's just her injured gums)

I also went and volunteered at Brayden's school for the book fair (so thankful for my Mom watching the girls so I could do this!)

I tell ya, elementary school kids are so funny! Most of them walked in to the book fair and went straight to the little toys they were selling and I would need to remind them to go pick out some books otherwise their parents might not be too happy.  Some kids even had notes written on their money envelope from their parent telling them to make good choices, LOL!

Here's what Brayden got (thankfully since I was there he only bought 1 toy, a football pen, lord knows what would have happened if I wasn't there!)


The girls and I played at the park while Brayden had soccer practice, Ella's new favorite thing ever is the tire swing!

Thursday night was Ella's turn to stay up late and we did some crafting.  We put together a Halloween chain which was a super glittery mess but we still had fun :)

Last week before we left for preschool, Ella asked Avery if she wanted to go to school too - of course Miss A said yes! So Ella gave her a mini backpack and A was so happy. I didn't realize what kind of damage we were doing by letting Avery pretend to go to school because in girlfriends head there was no pretending!

When we got there she even went in the bathroom with Ella and washed her hands and then she headed straight for the door.  I don't have a picture taken after I told she couldn't go because she was in full out melt down mode! That taught me never to actually play school again on the way to Ella's school!


Thursday night we had Brayden's conference at school and we were so happy to hear all the great things his teacher had to say! We had to laugh though because she told us he is surrounded by chatty girls at his table and they all have crushes on him. Too funny!

Friday, Rick took off since Brayden was off and we headed to the mall for lunch then off to Gameworks for some fun, then ended at a new ice cream place where you basically make your own ice cream sandwhich with your choice of cookies and ice cream, YUM!!

of course we had to feed the alligator as we passed by Rainforest Cafe


We had such a fun family day!

Saturday morning was visiting day at Ella's dance class so I got to sit in and watch, she was having so much fun!

After dance, we headed to Brayden's soccer game but most of time was spent at the park of course!

Saturday night I headed out for my little cousins bachelorette party and we had so much fun!! I was definitley feeling it the next day however!

me, my cousin, my mom and my sis :)

Sunday was my niece's baptism and the rest of the night we just relaxed - I was so tired I went to bed by 9:30.

Hope you all are having a great start to your week! See you tomorrow :)

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  1. Feeling it the next day, oh man that happens every stinking time. That poor girls I can't even imagine. Emily busted her gums (with her own teeth) when she was a baby. It was AWFUL. So, much, blood. I also love the Minnie backpacks. I caught Emily peeking over my shoulder eyeballing them :).

  2. Sweet pictures of your family life -- which makes me know that I need to do a better job with pictures on my own blog!

    1. Ha ha I'm sure you're doing just fine! I just take way too many :)

  3. Glad to hear it ended on a high note! We always have to go through some downs to get back to the ups, right?! So many fun crafts and that carousel place looks like a lot of fun! Ha, I always feel it the next day. This momma is getting old :/ Beautifully Candid

  4. That tire swing looks so fun! We don't have any playgrounds with those here anymore, but it was always my favorite thing to play on as a kid!

    And girl, yes, I feel you on feeling it the next day after partying too hard. We're getting old! Ha!

  5. It looks like the best week. So many fun activities. So glad there wasn't any major damage done to her teeth. My girls fall often (clumsy stage) and I worry about them busting their gums too.

    I am always feeling it after an evening of partying. I am not cut out for it anymore.

    Love that you have special craft nights. I need to do more of those things.

  6. Brayden is so cute with the puppy! Mason is obsessed with our Yorkie named Diesel. I am so sorry for the blood and tears at gymnastics. Poor thing! I hope it doesn’t scare her from wanting to go back. The spooky house craft is adorable. What a special time to share with your sweet boy! Once Mason gets on the tire swing I cannot get him off! He loves that thing. What a great week! Love all of the pictures. Your kiddos are precious.

  7. Love love love all the pictures you include! Such sweet simple moments that you are going to love to look back on! I love that you had some one on one time with your bigs. We try to do that with our big boys too and it is always the most special time!

    Elementary kids are fun! Hudson is in K this year and I am loving what he is doing and learning! Hope you have a great, accident free (poor girl!) week!

    1. Thank you! I take waaaay too many pictures but I don't think that is something I'll ever regret so it's all good :)

      Elementary school is so fun!! I love it!

  8. You have been busy! Love both those Halloween crafts - what a cute idea!