Monday, October 10, 2016

For the Love of Mugs {Exchange}

Last month when Beth announced she was co-hosting a mug exchange, I just knew I had to take part! I have never done any kind of exchange before and thought it was time to join in the fun. And oh was it fun!

I got paired up with the wonderful Johannah who blogs over at The Sirois Family.  After learning more about what Johannah loves in a mug, I was on my way out to find the perfect one. Head over to her blog to see what she got :)

My package arrived last week and to say I was thrilled when I opened it would be an understatement! As soon as I saw it was from Anthro I got giddy! I never buy myself stuff from there because it's usually out of my Stay at Home Mom budget, but I'm always gawking over everything they have.

When I saw it was their initial mug, I was so happy!! I have wanted one of these for the longest time, I've just never made the plunge for myself. The coloring of this mug is so gorgeous these photos don't even do it justice! Johannah really hit the nail on the head with her pick!

And she didn't stop there - she told me something else was coming in the mail, but unfortunately by the end of the weekend I still did not receive it.  I know mail can be weird sometimes so it is probably coming, but Johannah was so sweet and felt bad I didn't receive it that she sent me an email with a gift card to my favorite place, dunkin donuts! (that's right, I'm really not a starbucks drinker)

I love drinking my coffee out of my new mug so much!

Thank you so so much again Johannah, I love my mug and the gift card was the perfect addition!!

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  1. I'm so glad you loved your mug!! It's one of my favorites =) I'm currently drinking coffee out of the mug you sent me, and it's by far my new favorite =) Thank you again!!

  2. Those initial mugs are gorgeous! I am going to have to order one! She did great!

  3. Oh my goodness, the mug is beautiful !

  4. That mug is GORGEOUS! I love that you two ladies were paired together. You both did so good. I would TOTALLY be a Dunkin girl too if only we had one :(. Every time we go somewhere with a Dunkin I go a little crazy.

  5. I LOVE it and I totally almost got that same mug for my gift exchange!! So crazy!

  6. I love that initial mug. I may have to get one myself. Soooo cute!

  7. So lucky! I am dying to add that mug to my collection (and same initial too!)

  8. Girl, that mug is gorgeous! We are Dunkin' Donut lovers as well. I love Starbucks, too, but get different things at each one. haha! Have you tried the Salted Caramel Pumpkin coffee at DD?I had it last week & it was soooo delicious!

  9. Anthro mugs are my favorite!!! I had this one in my hand for my partner too but decided on another one...Love them all!!!