Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Carving 2016

I've mentioned it before, but Halloween with kids is just that much better. I was never a big fan of it in my adult life, then my kiddos came along and I'm obsessed.

One of my very favorite Fall traditions is carving pumpkins. The bigger kids are actually at an age where they can do alot of carving, which makes it more fun for them.

Get ready for picture overload (side note, I'm so bummed I didn't bust out my good camera!)

We usually set up the table on our driveway but this morning was a little chilly so we went where the sun was

Rick is so good at drawing so we all just come up with what we want and he free hands it for us.

Brayden picked the Green Latern logo and he really enjoyed carving! None of my kids would stick their hands inside the pumpkin though, so my job was to get them cleaned out and all ready

For Avery we picked a kitty and girlfriend was loving helping carve

Ella picked a witch for hers and it turned out so good! This girl really loved carving. After she was done with hers she turned it around and just started carving on the back. She actually made a face and suprised us all!

She is so concentrated!

If you follow me on IG you already saw these, but here they are again! 

We only got to enjoy them for 1 night however, because the squirrels literally attacked them and ate them to shreds! (so happy I snapped this pic!) This happened last year but this year I read so many ways to keep them away... I sprayed the pumpkins with WD40 and that didn't stop them, then I used about an entire can of hairspray and that didn't stop them either, like what the heck!? If anyone knows a way to really keep them away, I sure would appreciate it! I had one extremely boy in the morning when he saw his pumpkin was destroyed.  We promised we would get another one to catrve so I need to know what to do next!

Do you like to carve pumpkins or paint them?

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  1. He free handed those?! Amazing! I am so sorry that the squirrels got them, that is just crazy and so stinking sad. Could you bring them in around bed time? Or do they get to them pretty fast. My girls would have had a complete melt down so I can totally imagine how upset the kiddos were :(.

  2. They look amazing! I'm so sorry squirrels got them. We've never had that happen! I have no idea how to stop that.
    Carving outside is GENIUS. We're last minute with the pumpkins every year! We haven't even gone to the pumpkin patch yet!

    1. Thanks girl!! Yeah, we were bummed we had to toss them out after a couple days! We haven't been to the patch yet either, I just grabbed the pumpkins from the grocery store, LOL

  3. I agree! All holidays with kids is just better. Those are all good jack-o-lanterns. Great size and shape. Mason doesn’t like sticking his hand in the pumpkin, either. He says it stinks too bad. Ha! All of the pumpkins came out so great and I am impressed that Rick freehanded them! Glad you got a picture of them all together. Those squirrels are relentless!!

  4. Lizzie, your pumpkins are always so amazing! I mean, seriously, they put ours to shame! We're going to have to step up our pumpkin game this year for sure! And girl, I had no idea that squirrels liked pumpkins... we've never had that problem, but we don't have a lot of squirrels in our neighborhood.

  5. I can't believe the squirrels ate them all! That is awful! But they did turn out sooooo great!

  6. Your pumpkins are phenomenal!! We did some this weekend as well but ours are less than impressive.

  7. The pumpkins turned out great. I especially like the spider one. Sorry to hear the squirrels got a hold of them.

  8. I love your pumpkins! We are carving ours this weekend. Great job!